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    Hand Fan Favors

    Want your guests to forever remember your rustic outdoor wedding celebration? Then give them these hand fans that simply serve its purpose by keeping your guests cool and comfortable all throughout your special day. It can also help adorn your rustic table setting. The best part is they can bring home these personalized fans with your names and your wedding date and double as wedding favors. This is one ideal gift when you are having an outdoor wedding.
    Gold Foil Paddle Fans $1.49 - $1.89
    Gold Hand Fan $1.39 - $2.09
    Floral Hand Fans $1.44 - $2.09
    Sketched Hearts Fan $1.69 - $2.69
    Tropical Chic $2.29 - $2.59

    15 Best Hand Fan Wedding Favors 

    Floral Wreath Wedding Program Fan


    This Floral Wreath Wedding Program Fan comes in a set of 20. It is double sided and with flowers that accent the borders on both side. It is one wedding favor that guests would gladly bring home with them as they fondly remember your wonderful wedding. 

    Palm Personalized Hand Fans

    This Palm Personalized Hand Fans is made in collaboration with Mexican artisans. The palm is hand woven with different patterns, making each one truly one of a kind. These are great as traditional Mexican favors that your guests can keep on using. You can have it engraved with their name or initials, a date and location or a logo.

    Imitated Silk Fabric Bamboo Folded Hand Fan

    This Imitated Silk Fabric Bamboo Folded Hand Fan has a unique design that is perfect for your summer wedding. It is available in white, red and black plus, it uses imitated silk fabric and bamboo as material. 

      Lemon Fans Set of 10

       A wedding in summer and a yellow motif. What else can be the perfect wedding favor than this Lemon Fan that comes in a set of 10.  The lemon print is on both sides of the the fan. It has a thick bamboo base, plus  it opens and closes easily. It's one stunning party favor for your guests.

      Zolee Small Folding Hand Fan

      This Zolee Small Folding Hand Fan is 100% handmade with high quality silk fabric, with first-class bamboo ribs and tassels. This fan is very durable and elegant. Equipped with compact hollowed frameworks, it uses very little effort to ward off flashes or heat in hot summer days. This package comes with a fabric sleeve to keep the fan safe and closed when not in use.

        Black Imitated Silk Fabric Bamboo Folded Hand

        This Black Imitated Silk Fabric Bamboo Folded Hand is made out of polyester fiber. It has a  length of 8.36 inches when closed, 14.56 inches wide when open and comes in the color black. It includes 50 pieces hand fan +50 gift bags. 

          Wedding Program Fan

          The Wedding Program Fan comes in a set of 20 and is fully assembled with wooden handles with a size of 7 x 5 (h x w) die cut card stock -  white heavyweight 100lb. This fan is double sided. The front and back is shown above. Your monogram accents one side and a photo or wording accents the other side.

          Japanese Silk Bamboo Hand Held Fan

          This Japanese Silk Bamboo Hand Held Fan is made of silk fabric and bamboo, and has hollowed frameworks with compact combination. It gives off a lot a breeze with a smooth flick of the wrist. They will not make any noise, which provides you a comfortable experience. 

            Rustic Wedding Favor Fans 

            This Rustic Wedding Favor Fan is elegant and customizable. It can actually contain your  wedding program. It's a beautiful and durable keepsake for your guests. Make your special event memorable with these stunning personalized fans.

            OULII Hand Fan 

            It comes in black color. This OULII Hand Fan comes with a hang a tassel pendant, cute and special. It has a hand embroidered lace flower pattern that is great for decoration a nd a keepsake for guests too. 

              Spanish Style Floral Pattern Folding Fan

              This Spanish Style Floral Pattern Folding Fan is made of fabric and plastic holder. It has a glitter floral and lace trim. It's one elegant and practical floral fan favor that will impress your guests. This summer folding fans are perfect for wedding party decor and as a thank you gift for your guests. 

              Creative Blank Drawing DIY Round Hand Fan

              This Creative Blank Drawing DIY Round Hand Fan comes in 6 pieces. It is made with high quality silk cloth and wood handle that is durable for use. Let your guests paint your favorite colors with acrylic paint, stylus or marker, and beautiful works can be done.

              This Handheld Bamboo Fan Raffia Woven is made by 100% skilled craftsmen palm leaves, exquisite, elegant and environmentally friendly. It's suitable for summer, beach, party, wedding to bring your guests the natural cool breeze. It can also be used as a wall decoration or even in the kitchen. Tough, durable and with a vintage design, your guests would love to bring them home. 

                  Different Patterns Folding Fan 

                  This hand paper fan is 8.27 inches long, opened width: 15 inches, tassel length: 5.3 inches. It is designed with floral and butterfly patterns. This Different Patterns Folding Fan is hung with a tassel pedant. It comes in 4 different colors with exquisite patterns. Elegant and stylish, it will perfectly match any outfit. The hollow carved bamboo ribs makes the fan lightweight and fashionable. 

                    Wood and Palm Leaf Fans

                    This Wood and Palm Leaf Fans is perfect for your beach wedding or party. It is made with thicker wood and handwoven palm leaves. Each fan has a unique pattern and no two are the same. Each one is made with care and attention with a handwoven technique that has been passed from generations. It's one custom gift your guests will love to bring back home.