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    Fall Wedding Favors

    Warm Fall Leaf $2.60 - $4.55
    Lustrous Leaf $2.49 - $3.79
    Pure Love Mason Jar $1.49 - $1.69
    Scent Of Travels $1.29 - $1.89
    Porcelain Leaf Vase $1.59 - $1.99
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    Owl Bottle Opener $1.39 - $2.69

    37 of Our Favorite Fall Wedding Favors

    With a variety of decorations to choose from, the warm colors, and the crisp air, your autumn wedding is bound to be gorgeous! It’s time to look into rustic wedding ideas to make your wedding extra cozy and that includes choosing fall wedding favors.  Here are 37 of our favorite fall wedding favors:   

    37. Large Pinecone Soap Favors

    During the fall season, pinecones are seen everywhere as it falls and scatters on the woodland floor among the crunchy fallen leaves and pine needles. For your fall-themed wedding, use these Large Pinecone Soap Favors that come in 10 per purchase to align your giveaway to your event. This symbol of autumn made into a nicely crafted soap will bring a timely feel of having a pinecone by the hand while also keeping the recipient clean. Colors come in a wide variety including Clear Orange, Hot Blue, Lavender, and Mint Green. Choose the best one that adapts to your motif, after all, the mold already covers the theme part.

    36. Large Chocolate Maple Leaf Favors


    Scatter a touch of autumn around the venue by placing these Large Chocolate Maple Leaf Favors atop every table for those fallen leaves feel while celebrating your fall-themed wedding. These chocolate maple leaves brushed with either bronze, gold shimmer or plain are edible treats that can double as a giveaway to guests or entourage during a bridal shower. They may come packed in clear poly bags and tied with any ribbon of choice or you may opt to just let them stay in the tables for guests to pick them up and munch of them. Flavors are either white, milk or dark chocolate. 

    35. Linen Clutch Purses


    Your bride squad will love to receive a bridal shower giveaway that aligns with your autumn-themed wedding. These Linen Clutch Purses are made of linen, canvas, and satin and are accentuated with pearl. Customization may be done via name or initials embossed in Black Vinyl on the canvas outer or via metal initial that hangs on the zipper. The inside of this clutch may also contain a secret message of your gratitude and appreciation that will make this token a more memorable and heartwarming one.

    34. Autumn Leaf Magnets set of 3

    Draw attention to these Autumn Leaf Magnets set of 3 that are hand-painted and unique. These favors will capture the eyes of the guests as they rarely see magnets in the figure of autumn leaves. A dainty, decorative and functional wedding favor, these magnetic treats come ready for gifting as it comes in clear packaging. But to make your Autumn-inspired wedding more thematic, use these magnets to tuck the names of each guest on the seating arrangement board. As they get their names, they get to bring home one exquisite reminder of the awesome wedding they just witnessed.

    33. Sunflower Mint Wedding Favors (24 mints)

    You are going to marry that someone you are meant to be with, and handing a giveaway that says, “Mint to be” and aligns to your autumn-inspired theme, will make the event even more clever and special. Sunflower is the flower of fall, so these Sunflower Mint Wedding Favors (24 mints) pretty much ace the qualification for an affordable and thematic wedding favor. Made of Twine, paper, flower, and cardstock, these mints are presented in a beautifully crafted wrapper with a choice of either white or cream color and with a tag that allows you to choose font colors as well.

    32. Hot Cocoa Wedding Favor


    Guests have just witnessed a heartwarming union of two people in love. Make them bring home a piece of warmth with this Hot Cocoa Wedding Favor. It almost equates to a warm hug on cold autumn and sends a message of sweetness to anyone who will be sipping it at home. The bag, which is coated to make it grease resistant, has 4 ounces of hot cocoa mix and marshmallow ready to be poured into hot water and enjoyed in a mug. Bags will come unfolded so that you may add a personalized touch by sealing them with the customized sticker.

    31. Fall Floral Bow Tie & Brown Suspender Set


    Overload the venue with the cuteness of your ring bearer on your fall-inspired wedding wearing this Fall Floral Bow Tie & Brown Suspender Set. The young boys will look dapper in the fully adjustable coffee brown suspenders that come in multiple sizes and are made with stretchable elastic for a more comfortable and versatile fit. Silver clasps attached to the suspenders easily clips onto most clothing. The double-layered and 100 % cotton bow tie in this set is reinforced with interfacing to hold its form well making the one wearing it look more dashing. Other bearers on your wedding can wear this to align with the theme and add a more adorable vibe.

    30. Personalized Wedding Votive Candle Holders

    Spark a more romantic vibe on your autumn-themed wedding by giving away these Personalized Wedding Votive Candle Holders and placing a tea light inside for a complete package. These votive candle holders will be a witness as you speak your vows and will be a commemorative token of how wonderful the moment was. They come in different design options that fit any interior or motif of the wedding venue. Personalize it with an autumn leaf, your names, and the wedding date and you can place it on the souvenir table for guests to grab before they leave.

    29. Mulling Spice


    Literally, add spice and something nice in your wedding favor bag by including this Mulling Spice in your fall wedding giveaways. Amazing for all ages, the Mulling spice makes anyone a pro in creating a beverage that can lighten up the kitchen or mesmerize loved ones. Just add the mulling spices to cider, wine, or grape juice and brew directly in the bag to make an astonishing and more delightful drink.

    28. Autumn Leaf Bottle Opener


    The cold weather that the autumn season brings makes for a perfect time to enjoy bottled beverages that may keep everyone warm and withstand the breeze. So for your fall-inspired wedding, give away this Autumn Leaf Bottle Opener as a wedding favor for a heartwarming and thematic token of your appreciation to all who joined the ceremony of your union. Made of quality metal alloy and crafted with an outline autumn leaf design on the opposite end of the bottle opener, this beer buddy is made to last a lifetime, pretty much just like your love for each other.

    27. Autumn Wedding Table Decor


    During fall, the ground is surrounded by dry leaves and the trees have seemingly lost all their color giving a dominant brown hue all over. For your autumn-themed wedding, this Autumn Wedding Table Decor made of plywood reflects the color of the surroundings while bringing an inclusive and friendly vibe because of its design and makeup. Crafted looking like a puzzle piece, this wedding favor can make every guest feel that they are a part of something so special, your love and union. These may be personalized with the name of each person who will sit at the table so that this table décor may double as a giveaway as well.

    26. Donut Mind If I Do Wedding Donuts Bags

    Not all giveaways need to be inedible material things, some can be munched in as they arrive or as they leave the venue. So if you plan to give away autumn-inspired donuts with cinnamon or other fall flavors at your wedding, these Donut Mind If I Do Wedding Donuts Bags will be their perfect presentation pockets. Coated to make it grease resistant, these donut bags are customizable so that everyone who gets to have it in their hands and taste the donuts in their mouths, will remember you and your wedding in their hearts and minds.

    25. Sow in Love Sunflower Wedding Favors


    Sunflowers grow typically during summer and into early fall. That is why this sun-facing flower is one of the flowers of fall. That is why for your fall-inspired wedding, these Sow in Love Sunflower Wedding Favors make for an awesome and environmental idea. Guests may have these personalized bags filled with sunflower seeds they may plant as they leave the venue and surely, at least two will have it grown by the next fall. As your love bloomed in front of them, they get to sow a seed of it on their own.

    24. Nature Inspired Decorative Handmade Paper Gift Bags


    While you decide what treats to delight your guests with on your wedding day, let this Nature Inspired Decorative Handmade Paper Gift Bags be your first one to make. These bags are created using a special method of producing paper with dried plants and flowers making the main material thin, glossy but strong, and has good light permeability. Crafted with real birch leaves of spring and fall, these bags are amazing on their own as your autumn-inspired wedding favor. 

    23. Chocolate Drop Labels


    Give secret kisses and wrap them in your customized label with these Chocolate Drop Labels. These matte finish and digitally printed high-quality adhesive paper with great color options fit Hershey’s chocolate so it may cover the said treat with nice and thematic labels. Strew these treats around the tables and let each guest have a taste or bring home a piece of sweetness they just witnessed.

    22. Personalized Clear Plastic Cups


    Have a double-use and functionally thematic wedding favor for your autumn-inspired wedding with this Personalized Clear Plastic Cups. Each sturdy cup is made of plastic and can be personalized with your choice of artwork or your own creation together with names and the date of your event. Have your guests drink on these plastic cups and allow them to bring them home. Now you have a customized cup to drink on during reception and a giveaway in one.

    21. Rose Gold Hair Piece


    The leaves are falling, and you have fallen in love with the man you are about to marry in an autumn-themed ceremony. Let the wonders and beauty of this season be truly a part of your wedding by making your bridesmaids wear the fallen leaves in their hairs, with style and elegance. This Rose Gold Hair Piece is an exquisite piece of accessory that your bride squad will appreciate wearing and bringing home as a token of your gratitude and a reminder of their beauty.

    20. Decorative White Leaf Flower Vase

      There’s no other purpose for a beautiful vase than to be the home for beautiful flowers and other equally beautiful things. A stylish wedding favor, this small white leaf-shaped vase is perfect for your fall wedding. With gorgeous texture details, shiny white finish and modern style, this porcelain leaf vase can be filled with wedding florals and displayed at each place setting and double as a wedding favor too. 

      19. Honey Stick

        Who can resist a sweet treat? These honey sticks are sure to make your guests remember your special day. Completely handmade and personalized, each favor consists of a custom tag and beautifully tied with Ivory tulle. You can choose your own message or from these messages: “Meant to Bee,” “Love as Sweet as Honey,” and “You’re so ‘SWEET’ for coming, as long as it fits the honeycomb tag. This fall wedding favor is perfect for buying in bulk.     

        18. Mason Jar Bottle Opener

        These Mason jar bottle openers are perfect to open cold drinks served before and after the celebration. Designed to look like antique silver mason jars, these bottle openers are even engraved with, “Everything is better in a mason jar.” Simply perfect as wedding favors for your spring wedding.

        17. Let Love Grow Seeds

          Choose from sunflower or wildflower seeds, these nude/apricot colored seed packets are perfect for fall wedding favors. These hand-stamped packets are filled, sealed and packaged especially for your wedding! The reverse side of your customized message tag contains the growing instructions, printed on a paper tag. You can even choose the color of the paper tag: white, cream, brown, steel gray or pink paper. Just the size of a credit card, guests can easily place these seed packets on their pocket and nurture them in their own gardens.

          16. Garden-Inspired Candle Tins

            These garden-inspired tins are perfect for those vanilla scented candles you plan to give your guests as wedding favors. Choose from three designs: fancy flowers, romantic trees, and dainty dots. Customize it by placing your names and wedding date on the cover and you’re all set to give this awesome fall wedding favor.  

            15. Heart of Roses Soap

              Let your guests bring home this heart-shaped glycerin soap full of small roses. Thanking them with this gift will surely make them remember your wedding for a long time. This soap comes in a set of five and weighs 35 grams each. Nice to look at and useful too! It’s one of the best gifts you can give your guests for your fall wedding.   

              14. Swing Top Glass Square Bottle

              Make your wedding favor extra special as you fill these swing top glass bottles with specialties coming from your own kitchen such as a favorite sauce, spices, infused vinegar or oils, liquor and many other treats that your guests will be delighted to have. It’s FDA rated food grade safe and with the generous size, unique square shape and spill-proof lid of these bottles, guests will definitely reuse these bottles in their own kitchen. Personalize it by placing sticker, tags or labels with your names and wedding date.

              13. Pies in Mini Mason Jars

                Fill these Mini Mason Jars with delicious pies and your friends and loved ones won’t be able to resist bringing one of them home or even more. Choose from the following flavors: peach, apple, blueberry, pumpkin and strawberry. Handmade and tied with your choice of ribbon color, these pies are ready to be given as a thank you gift for your guests.

                12. Fall Leaf Kissing Bell 

                It’s a classic combination of an openwork autumn leaf and the kissing bell in a bronze finish. This gift is simply perfect for your fall wedding. Guests would be more than delighted to bring these bells home as a thank you gift from you. This wedding favor also doubles as a place holder that beautifully accentuates your table set up.  

                11. Rustic Mint Favors

                  Friends and loved ones enjoyed your romantic fall wedding. Relaxed and informal, there’s no better time to hand out these wedding mints as a thank you gift after they have enjoyed a hearty dinner from your reception. Personalize it with your names and wedding date plus choose the paper and flower color closest to your wedding motif and you’re all set to give out these wedding mints in burlap theme with white roses.  

                  10. Gold Pumpkin Bottle Opener

                    This Gold Pumpkin Bottle Opener is the perfect fall wedding favor. Accentuate your table setting and set this beside your guest’s bottle of wine and they're all set for your wedding toast and celebrate for the night. This gold toned metal bottle opener includes a leaf hang tag attached with twine. Your guests will definitely be delighted to bring them home as a thank you gift! 

                    9. Honey Dipper Sticks

                      These honey dipper sticks are made of 100% natural wood and are food grade safe. At 3 inch, the groves of this wooden dippers help collect and dispense honey from the jar easily. It’s individually wrapped and is a perfect pair for 1-4oz honey jars. It’s one useful thank you gift your guests would enjoy for a long time. 

                      8. Silver Leaf Wine Bottle Stopper

                        This nature-inspired wine bottle stopper in elegant silver metal features the beauty of a single leaf. It’s made of alloy metal and aluminum with chrome plating. Definitely the perfect favor idea for special occasions featuring an outdoor or fall theme. The gift includes an artfully designed gift box printed with a swish of graphic leaves complete with a ribbon and a gift tag ready to be handed to guests and loved ones.

                        7. Ball Quilted Crystal

                        This ball 4oz quilted crystal is perfect as a thank you gift if you plan to give away preserved jams, jelly sauces, mustard and flavored vinegar. It’s custom time tested sealing compound help ensure the quality seal on each lid. Use it to refrigerate up o 3 weeks, freeze up to 1 year and fresh preserve and store up to 1 year. Guests would be happy to reuse this quality canning jar.

                        6. Pumpkin Shaped Place Card Holder

                        This beautiful gift comes in a set of six gold resin pumpkin-shaped place card holders with coordinating place cards. This gift will not only direct your guests to their seats but will also delight them as they get to take one home as a thank you gift from you. This Pumpkin Shaped Place Card Holders are made from gold finished resin with a matching Kraft place card with gold foil border. Simply perfect for your fall wedding and a memorable wedding favor for your friends and loved ones.      

                        5. Rustic Soap Favors

                          Bring the charm and country flair to your wedding as you adorn each table with these rustic and lace soap favors. These soaps are all natural vegan and handmade. Choose your preferred soap and sleeve color. The soap is also available in 5 scents, namely: grapefruit (pink), lemon and eucalyptus (blue), lavender rose (purple), red wine (burgundy) and mint (green). Decorated with white lace ribbon and wrapped in a personalized sleeve, you’re all set to give guests this lovely wedding favor.  

                          4. Two-sided Burlap Fans


                            Want your guests to forever remember your fall wedding celebration? These two-sided burlap fans have served its purpose by keeping your guests cool and comfortable all throughout your special day. It adorns and adds beauty to your table setting. The best part is they can bring home these personalized fans with your names and your wedding date that double as wedding favors.   

                            3. Lavender Handmade Freshener

                            Hand this Muslin bags with English lavender flower buds that are highland organic and naturally dried as your way of saying thank you to your guests. Affordable and useful, guests can use them as drawer sachets, closets, car, beauty bags, pillow, nightstand, storage bins and even for relaxing as they go to sleep. They can even reuse the easily re-sealable craft bag.

                            2. Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Test Tube

                            A handmade item that is sure to leave a lasting impression, this tea infuser test tube is fully assembled. You have the liberty to choose the design, color and type of loose leaf tea. This is one of the best tea gifts you can give to your wedding guests.   

                            1. Personalized Stemless Wine Glass 

                            Let your table setting be adorned with this Personalized Stemless Wine Glass. Choose from fall-themed designs like acorn leaf and “Fall in Love.” This stemless wine glass can hold a full 9oz of any favorite beverage. Place your names and event dates on it and guests would be thrilled to bring this home - a special something to remember your wedding by.