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    51 Fun Bridal Shower Favors

    It's one of the pre-wedding events your bride tribe is really looking forward to - your bridal shower. They have made all arrangements that come with it - venue, food, who to invite, the program and everything that will make it extra special for you. Make it equally unforgettable for them as you remember to thank them with beautiful bridal shower favors. 

    These favors are made special when you choose items that are functional and thoughtful and sentimental at the same time. We have gathered below 51 of the best bridal shower favors that you can choose from:      

    51. My Squad’s Tumbler

    Your squad deserves the best tumbler they can get and My Squad’s Tumbler is a target hit. This 20oz tumbler is BPA-free and made of non-toxic kitchen-grade stainless steel. It is vacuum insulated to keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. Whatever type of drink your girls choose to carry with them, you can guarantee they will flaunt this tumbler with pride as it can be customized to fit the likeliness of your wedding party. You can design each tumbler with ladies in different complexions, hair tones, and styles and select a dress that will complement your bridal party.   Personalize each of the tumblers with the names and roles of your bride squad.

    50. Personalized Rose Bath Bombs

    From your shower to theirs, these Personalized Rose Bath Bombs will explode aromatic goodness and bubbly joy during your ladies’ shower time. Made of Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Coconut Milk Powder, Rose Clay, Organic Rose Petals, Rose essential oil, Pink Mica, these shower delights are 100% natural and are scented with rose essential oils. Since it is paraben and artificial fragrance-free, your ladies can enjoy longer bath time without exposing themselves to toxins that come from chemical ingredients. The stickers can be personalized to make them more intentional. 

    49. Glam Gal


    Ceramic dishes such as this Glam Gal are sweet and functional favor ideas for women who can never have enough or too much jewelry. It is the perfect spot to corral accessories, keys, or even loose change. This four-inch ring dish made of ceramic features Gold Metallic Trim and Metallic Shiny Lettering. It can be personalized with the initial or letter of your choice. The custom initials are metallic with gold, rose gold, or black. Choose the color that best matches your party theme. This way, you can spread the love for your guests but you get to contain the clutter.

    48. Chocolate Engagement Ring Favors


    Dainty and sweet, these Chocolate Engagement Ring Favors will not only add a saccharine touch to your party but will also bring giggles and cheer especially to single ladies who would appreciate getting a diamond ring of their own. Each sweet ring has a large chocolate diamond that has a delicious sugar glitter topping to make it sparkle and shine. Use them to decorate your table or even as cupcake toppers, the power to choose is yours. Elegantly yummy, these treats can be served at your engagement, bridal, or even your bachelorette party. Wear them and eat them, they are so decadent and creamy.

    47. Bridesmaid Necklace

    For an intimate bridal shower party, honor your bride squad with this Bridesmaid Necklace. This gift is engraved with its first initial and is made from 16 k silver plated over brass. The heart symbol on the side of the initial is intentionally stamped there to showcase your love and gratitude to the women who will stand by you as you say “I do”. The minimalist qualities will add just the right amount of shine to any outfit, making it perfect for daily wear and special occasions. Simple and elegant, this piece maintains its classic and timeless appeal with a polished horizontal bar charm.

    46. Disco Ball Tumbler Cup

    Let your guests obsess over this Disco Ball Tumbler Cup as they get to bring home and hold around a sparkly sipper while they enjoy the party. Easily refillable with a screw-off lid, this tumbler comes with a girly pink straw, making it practical and cool drinkware for any party. Made of PVC plastic, this sparkling tumbler can hold up to 20 oz of liquid. As your guests walk around and enjoy the occasion, sipping their beverage from the coolest cup, they will know that the party is literally in their hands.

    45. Jewelry Roll Bag

    Traveling to a certain location to celebrate an occasion entails a lot of packing and preparation. Equip your guests for their next travel and give them this Jewelry Roll Bag. It can keep pieces of jewelry organized with its 3 large and 3 small zippered pockets. . It provides perfect storage for your go-to pieces and it features a hanging hook for easy access to packed accessories. The next trip of your guests will be better with this favor you have given them and their most precious pieces of jewelry will also have a safe abode during the journey.

    44. Dainty Dopp

    Women will always bring their make-up especially if the event is at a far-off destination. Their pretty looks must always be ready in case there are guests or cameras on standby. Give away a Dainty Dopp to each of your bridesmaids and watch them maximize it. Made in 100% cotton canvas, this cosmetic bag may be printed with up to 10 characters of your choice of words, names, or initials making it a perfect proposal gift, party giveaway, or “thank you” token to your girl gang. Their make-up emergencies shall be covered and they will have you to thank for the save. 

    43. LightBox Keychain


    Give your guests their mini-billboard that they can carry with them all the time with this LightBox Keychain. The effort is less from your end, but the impact is great as you allow each of them to put whatever they want to remind themselves off or whatever they want to flaunt. Included in this set are 72 characters to help them customize an illuminating message. It perfectly fits backpacks, purses, or totes so your bridesmaids will have no problem deciding where to put it.

    42. Under the Sea Candle


    Giving away a visually enticing favor that anyone can use on multiple occasions is a gesture that will never go out of style. So for your beach-themed wedding or bachelorette party, give this Under the Sea Candle and include a customized tag to make it even more special. After all, there is nothing so calming and naturally beautiful as a vibrant seascape brilliantly framed by the deep blue ocean. That was the idea in mind when this candle was designed. Your squad will bring home a piece of sea wonders and a part of your memorable event.

    41. Honeysuckle Rose Hydrating Mist

    For an intimate bridal shower with a small guest count that will need refreshment for the skin, this Honeysuckle Rose Hydrating Mist will be a party favor of choice. Ideal for any skin type, this spritz relies only on natural and organic ingredients to hydrate and balance your complexion while giving a refreshed feeling as well. It smells lovely and is perfect for a mid-day facial touch-up. With every spritz, your skin is sulking in hydrating and soothing botanicals to balance and soothe all skin types. The best part is that as it hydrates, it also gentry detoxifies pores to eliminate dirt and excess oil that cause acne.

    40. Floral Hand Sanitizer


    Needless to reiterate, everyone needs to stay safe and clean to avoid the spread of the virus. With that, this Floral Hand Sanitizer is a cute and dainty idea for a party favor of all kinds. Your girl gang will appreciate having extra protection bottled with love and appreciation from you. Personalize the label with options from 3 different designs and 6 different colors. To make it even more unique, add a personal note to your label. Unleash your creativity and write a message on the label with up to 20 characters per line.

    39. Hand Creams


    The value of a soft and constantly moisturized hand has declined over the years but giving away these Hand Creams as bachelorette party favors may remind everyone to take care of their precious palms. These moisturizing creams are enriched with nourishing shea butter to lock moisture into the skin for silky-smooth hands. Coconut oil, honey, and marshmallow root extracts are blended with shea to create a powerful formula for supreme softness. Let your guests indulge in the different scents and flavors of this luxurious collection and they will surely give you more than a handshake. 

    38. Sugar Scrub

    Any self-care or pampering gift will be appreciated by your gal pals, especially during a spa-themed bridal shower. This vanilla Sugar Scrub are perfect for a long shower or bath. It will be a sweet way to thank your girl gang for sharing your special day. It is handmade using the finest ingredients available. Each favor is stylishly packaged in our signature jar, topped with your personalized label, and tied with a ribbon in the color of your choice. Now your best friends will enjoy a sweet exfoliation with a reminder of your care with every scrub.

    37. Succulent Wedding Favor


    Your bride squad has witnessed your love life grow and bloom. While some of them may also have someone to bloom a relationship with, others may need something to temporarily take care of. This Succulent Wedding Favor will have that area covered and it will also give your ladies a pretty token of your love and appreciation. These succulents are very beautiful, fun, easy to grow and care for. Place it on a souvenir table, or give it away as you honor each of your bride squad during your bridal shower. One look and they will know they need to nurture these plants just like what they did with your friendship.

    36. Flower Balm


    The most supportive ladies in your life who agreed to be there for you as you say “I do” deserve all the pretty things. This Flower Balm will be a luxurious representation of how you all see them as queens like you. It is a lip balm that applies on clear and reacts with your skin's pH level to create the perfect shade of pink for you. Inside of this clear lip balm is a flower that seemingly bloomed there just to kiss your lips. This enticing, coconut-scented lip stain will be an honored guest in your girl gang’s cosmetic bags.

    35. Mini Sugar Scrubs


    Clever and sexy, these Mini Sugar Scrubs will be a treat from your shower to theirs. These favors are elegant frosted bags with mini sugar scrubs inside meant to make your bridesmaids' next shower moments, tickling and lavishly clean ones. Each bag is accented with ivory paper rose and a dainty mini clothespin. Choose from 20 tag colors and 4 sugar scrub scents. After your bridal shower party, those ladies will surely indulge in a lengthy shower routine with your friendship and sweetness in mind.

    34. Pink Roses

    For the women in your life who chose to stand by you on your wedding day, these Pink Roses are but a fitting choice. Your bride squad will be the additional flowers and light in your path as you walk down the aisle so a candle crafted in a ball of roses is as symbolic as their gesture of being your bridesmaids. Hand them over these pink balls of the floral candle as your token of appreciation and they shall go home knowing that their contribution to your upcoming wedding matters a lot.

    33. Floral Frames in Fabulous


    Your garden or beach wedding is about to take place and the ladies who will be standing by your side as the ceremony happens, need to see everything. Protect their precious eyes with these Floral Frames in Fabulous and let them wear it in style and matching the flowers they hold or wear. Hand these glasses to your bridesmaids after the bridal shower party so they can wear them at your wedding or maybe immediately the day to cover their all-nighter and hung-over sensitive eyes.

    32. Tea Party Favors


    A healthy bridal shower party favor ensures brewing gratitude and love. These Tea Party Favors are dried loose tea leaves placed in a test tube vial sealed by a cork and embellished with either jute rope bow and white or kraft tag paper. Tags are fully customizable so you may choose which color you prefer and what texts you wish to appear. A few of the tea options are Mallow Tea, Ottoman Tea, Winter Tea, Rose Tea, Jasmine Tea, Mint Lemon Tea, Blackberry Tea, Chamomile Tea, Hibiscus Tea, and Green Tea.

    31. Flora’s Compact


    The make-up your girls will put may not stay too long and they might need a quick retouch even during the wedding. Equip them with one of the best “make-up emergency” tools in the land with this Flora’s Compact. They will have no problem pulling a nicely decorated floral mirror out of their purses and they will even take pride knowing that their names are on top. It’s a subtle way of screaming “the bride gave this to us, exclusively for her gals”. Give away these compact mirrors to your ladies and let them reflect the beauty of your friendship and love.

    30. Bring Out The Bubbly

    What is a bridal shower without refreshments? Surely during the game, honoring, clever and bonding moments, each lady will be thirsty and will need to be rehydrated. Do it in style with a personalized heartwarming touch by giving them this Bring Out The Bubbly as a bridal shower favor. This 8 oz. stemless champagne flute may be personalized with premium outdoor vinyl. The names of your bridesmaids will appear on each glass making it an event necessity that doubles as a token of your appreciation.

    29. Hugging Robe


    Now that you are getting married, you might not be able to hug your friends as often as you do. Giving them this Hugging Robe during the bridal shower will mean that you are making them bring home the hugs and the love you will always have for them, single or married. These cozy robes can be personalized so they may double as photoshoot outfits on the day of your wedding. Your ladies will get to wear the same comfortable garment with their names at the back or even the word “Bridesmaids” alongside you wearing a robe that says “Bride”

    28. Metallic Tote


    The roles your bridesmaids play at your wedding are not limited to just posing in photos and being there as you walk down the aisle. They are the ones who take care of pre-wedding errands and even troubleshoots minor issues along the way without having to bother you. That being a fact, this Metallic Tote is a perfect bridal shower favor you can give your bride squad as it can fit their supplies and survival tools for ensuring your wedding will go smoothly. Not to mention it’s classy and customizable.

    27. That Leather Tho


    Let your ladies bring out a cute leather reminder of how grateful you are for their presence on your wedding day with this That Leather Tho. This sleek cardholder is engravable with a logo, monogram, names, or even a message. So the names of your bridesmaids can be printed atop together with your wedding monogram or logo. As the ladies helped you with all the planning and executing of your special, so shall you help them in organizing their cards and doing it in an elegantly fashionable style.

    26. Antique “Love” Bottle Opener

    You have opened your life and your love story to your lady friends so why not give them an Antique “Love” Bottle Opener that looks like a key to finding true love when it opens a celebratory bottle of their favorite beverage. This key bottle opener made in metal with a rose gold finish includes a “Key to Happiness” tag and a decorative polka dot display. If your ladies don’t drink, these favors will still be a classic one as they can be an added tool in her home for others to use and a reminder that she holds the key to her happiness.

    25. The Traveling Jeweler

    For your destination wedding, your bridesmaids will need to bring all their essentials in an organized manner to keep them from misplacing it or leaving it in a far place. Let them know that you have thought this predicament through by giving them The Traveling Jeweler. Bring it out during the bridal shower so they can still have enough time to pack their pieces of jewelry in your token of appreciation. This accessory holder is sure to keep jewelry untangled and tidy and it is small enough to fit a hand carry.

    24. Sunscreen Floral


    Whether you are planning a wedding on the beach or garden, the sun will surely take a glimpse and burn those subtle skins. So to protect your precious lady friends from getting a sunburn, give them each this Sunscreen Floral and they will be on their way to flaunting those dresses and skins. Personalize the label so they know you are thinking of them when you decided on these favors.

    23. 20 oz. Skinny Tumbler


    On the day you say “I Do”, your girlfriends will be there for you. But before all the magic happens in that altar, those ladies will be up and about doing errands and executing the plan. Keeping them hydrated is of utmost importance. You do not want a fully exhausted and highly drained set of ladies by your side right? This 20 oz. Skinny Tumbler is vacuum insulated and can keep the temperature of any drink for long hours. It comes with a clear push-on lid to protect the beverage from spilling as your ladies drink while moving.

    22. Simple Personalized Hand Fans

    Fan away your worries of seeing your bridesmaids sweat during the warm outdoor ceremony of your wedding. These Simple Personalized Hand Fans will do the job of adding up a little ease to a humid environment while doing it in style. Give these to your girls in advance during your bridal shower and add their names on the side of the fan. Choose from the 17 color options depending on their favorite colors, or get the same hue but make sure every girl gets their named handheld fans.

    21. Hey Gorgeous


    You are close to your bridesmaids so it is no wonder that you all are equally beautiful. This Hey Gorgeous canvas bag will be a reminder of how beautiful you see them and they will always be. Fill this cosmetic bag with your choice of lipstick or mascara, or you may leave it empty, the bag itself will do the trick. Have it customized with the names of your gal pals then give it to them during the bridal shower and they may use it and bring it on your wedding day. After all, the bride can also give gifts in her bridal shower.

    20. Personalized Hand Sanitizer Spray


    Pandemic or not, an alcohol or hand sanitizer is a necessity on every occasion. That is why giving this Personalized Hand Sanitizer Spray for your bridal shower party favor is a safe and clean bet. Made with at least 70-80% these sanitizers may be customized with up to 25 characters. The size is just right to fit a pocket or small purse for easy access to 10 ml worth of sanitation. Capped in gold metal, these glass bottles will add a sprinkle of thoughtfulness and spray of protection to your dear gal pals.

    19. Pineapple Salt and Pepper Shaker  

    Salt and Pepper Bridal Shower Favors

    Shake your way to the hearts of your guests with these pineapple salt and pepper shaker set. This wedding favor will let your guests reminisce your wedding day for a long time. Each pineapple piece stacks together as it is custom-designed to sit atop one another. This salt and pepper shaker are both functional and affordable. It comes labeled with a pineapple-shaped sticker in gold foil that can be removed. It is made of high-quality porcelain and is definitely perfect for your spring wedding.

    18. Homespun Charm Cover Notepad 


    This pretty notepad is sweet, charming and functional. Your guests will definitely be happy to bring one home and fill it with to-do-lists, daily reminders, drawings, and even personal reflections. This compact notepad has 200 thick blank pages. The cover is customized with you and your groom’s names and your wedding date. It comes with two clear stickers to secure the front and back inside covers of the notepad.  

    17. Rose Petal Bath Soap

    rose petal bath soap

    Delight your guests with this box of Rose Petal Bath Soap. It's one bridal shower favor that they will surely remember you by. It's perfect for that relaxing and luxurious bath as it has the scent of essential oils. This bridal shower favor also adds that romantic and enjoyable atmosphere to your shower set up.    

    16. Charmed Butterfly Oatmeal


    This unique shaped soap favor will certainly be loved by your guests. Fresh, clean and practical, it’s simply one of the best gifts you can let your guests bring home. This sweetly scented soap is placed in a beautiful flower-themed box and ready to be handed as a thank you gift to family and friends.

    15. Personalized Lip Balm

    Scented with natural vanilla flavor, this classic and memorable wedding favor is sure to keep each lip moisturized, soft and supple. You can choose from two floral designs. The label can also be personalized with the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date.  

    14. Lemonade Shower Favors


    A clever way of saying “The perfect blend” or “She found her main squeeze” these Lemonade Shower Favors are refreshingly sweet and thoughtful. Each single serving drink mix comes sealed in a nice white gloss pouch that has a customizable front and a back that contains instructions on how to mix the contents to create an awesome drink. Since you will give these mixes during your bridal shower as a party favor, they may choose to drink it then and there or they may choose to bring it with them in case they may need some refreshment during your wedding day.

    13. Sweet Sip Mason Jar

    Surprise your guests and have their favorite drinks served in this sweet sip mason jar that doubles as a wedding favor.  It’s vintage-inspired, with a metallic white lid and an opening at the center for a straw. Simple yet a gift your guests will definitely treasure and remember your wedding by.

    12. Rustic Soap Favors

    Bring the charm and country flair to your wedding as you adorn each table with these rustic and lace soap favors. These soaps are all-natural vegan and handmade. Choose your preferred soap and sleeve color. The soap is also available in 5 scents, namely: grapefruit (pink), lemon and eucalyptus (blue), lavender rose (purple), red wine (burgundy) and mint (green). Decorated with white lace ribbon and wrapped in a personalized sleeve, you’re all set to give guests this lovely wedding favor. 

    11. Rose Wine Bottle Stopper 

    The design says it all! This rose wine bottle stopper comes with a romantic bloom - the unique metallic gold rose. It comes with a cork at the bottom that keeps your favorite bottles of wine fresh. Placed in an open face box, your guests would be happy to take this home from your wedding. 

    10. Mini Beauty and the Beast Rose Dome

    Let this elegant gift complete your Beauty and the Beast inspired wedding. Give your guest this Mini Beauty and the Beast Rose Dome as a thank you gift. Choose the color for the ribbon and the rose. It also comes wrapped and packaged securely and safely for shipping. Your guests will surely be reminded of your romantic wedding each time they see this gift. 

    9. Mini Jute Gift Tote Bags

    Made of 100% burlap jute fabric, this mini jute gift tote bags are eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable. You can even increase its capacity because of the inner vinyl lining and full side and bottom gussets.  This is one durable tote bag that you can easily fill with treats for your guests.

    8. Under-Sea Candle

    sea themed candle

    These handmade candles are crafted to ensure the quality of each. The Under-Sea Candle is made with real lovely high-quality seashells. The candle has blended fragrances that come from essential oils placed in an elegant-looking jar. Your guests would truly be delighted with this gift.    

    7. Lavender Handmade Freshener

    Hand this Muslin bags with English lavender flower buds that are highland organic and naturally dried as your way of saying thank you to your guests and loved ones. Affordable and useful, guests can use them for drawer sachets, closets, car, beauty bags, pillow, nightstand, storage bins and even for relaxing as they go to sleep. They can even reuse the easily re-sealable craft bag. This is one gift that your eco-friendly guests will truly appreciate.  

    6. Pashmina

    Keep them warm and looking elegant at the same time with these lovely pashminas. Make your guests blush with delight as they get to take home these eco-friendly pashminas made from silky soft bamboo fiber. These pashminas can be customized from a choice of 31 shades and 17 options for tags. Tags are already assembled together with your pashminas and are ready to be given away to your beloved guests.

    5. Rustic Wooden Picture Frame

    Guests and loved ones have made your joy complete on this special day. The relaxed ambiance of your wedding has made it easier for guests to get to know each other and celebrate each moment of your special day with you. And there’s no better way to send them off than giving this eco-friendly and beautiful square resin frame with a wood print that so aptly decorated your rustic wedding. Add to that your favorite couple picture in the heart-shaped space and you would have come up with a thank you gift that your guests will truly love.     

    4. It's Who You Have Beside You Luggage Tags

    These US-made recycled leather luggage tags are a unique wedding favor for your guests. Choose the leather and foil stamp color that matches your wedding theme. It comes complete with a traveler info card and a gold or silver buckle finish. You can even have it custom made depending on your style. 

    3. Swing Top Glass Square Bottle

    Make your wedding favor extra special as you fill these swing top glass bottles with specialties coming from your own kitchen such as a favorite sauce, spices, infused vinegar or oils, liquor and many other treats that your guests will be delighted to have. It’s FDA rated food-grade safe and with the generous size, unique square shape and spill-proof lid of these bottles, guests will definitely reuse these bottles in their own kitchen. Personalize it by placing sticker, tags or labels with your names and wedding date.

    2. Glitter Top Pens

    glitter top pen

    Glamorously designed, these glitter top pens are the perfect bridal shower favors you’re looking for. Add some dazzle to your table setting as you place these sparkly doodlers for each guest. The pens can be placed in a velvet drawstring pouch available in a variety of colors to match your shower motif.

    1. Reed Diffuser


    Diffuse an aroma of gratitude and sealed friendship with your bridesmaids by giving them this Reed Diffuser that adds a constant fragrance to any room without the use of heat or flame. Safe and scentful, these bridal shower favor uses a simple wick system allowing the fragrance to seep up through the reeds or sticks and dispersing scent into the air.