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    16 Beautiful Wedding Favors For A Rustic Wedding

    It’s been months and month of deciding which theme will it be and now, you are all set for your rustic wedding. Why not? With the general trend leaning towards informality, organic, natural and DIY lifestyle, a rustic wedding would be your perfect choice. Using natural beauty would define your wedding theme including making use of elements that are repurposed or even handmade. Your wedding will showcase you and your spouse’s love for resourcefulness by making use of commonplace and simple objects and creatively turning them into something charming and elegant. Partnered with the vintage style, your wedding theme will be more refined and will offer that contrast with a rustic setting and another rustic décor. Yours will be a wedding that reflects the past without having to feel old and one that is set in a comfortable, less formal, relaxed and down to earth ambiance.

    Whether yours is an outdoor or indoor rustic wedding, your wedding speaks of the casual and laid back style in contrast to a formal affair. Get used to seeing wood, stone accented with burlap, rope, mason jars and wildflowers. The rustic wedding theme naturally provides the perfect setting for a very memorable wedding. You have all the opportunity to personalize things with this wedding theme and with all things set for that rustic charm, let your wedding favors go with the rustic theme of your wedding. Here are 16 beautiful wedding favors for a rustic wedding:

    1. Rustic Wooden Picture Frame 

    Guests and loved ones have made your joy complete on this special day. The relaxed ambiance of your wedding has made it easier for guests to get to know each other and celebrate each moment of your special day with you. And there’s no better way to send them off than giving this square resin frame with a wood print that so aptly decorated your rustic wedding. Add to that your favorite couple picture in the heart-shaped space and you would have come up with a thank you gift that your guests will truly love.       

    2. Rustic Antler Charm

    Let this Antler Bottle Opener complete the rustic charm of your table setting. This gift is made from resin and metal and is specially packaged in a kraft box with dark brown suede cording complete with a decorative kraft tag. With its functionality and elegant charm, your guests would be delighted to bring this wedding favor with the bottle of wine you have thoughtfully placed on their tables. Surely, yours is a wedding they would never forget!      

    3. Pies in Mini Mason Jars

    Fill those Mini Mason Jars with delicious pies and your friends and loved ones won’t be able to resist bringing one of these home. Choose from the following flavors: peach, apple, blueberry, pumpkin, and strawberry. Handmade and tied with your choice of ribbon color, these pies are ready to be given as a thank you gift for your guests.

    4. Rustic Round Candle Tins 

    White and very light vanilla scent wax candles are placed inside these round candle tins to adorn your rustic themed wedding. Have it personalized with your choice of wedding-themed stickers and choose from country garden shades such as dainty dots, romantic trees, and fancy flowers. Guests will truly be happy to bring one home as a thank you gift.

    5. Personalized Silver Bottle Openers

    Hand out this personalized silver bottle opener to your guests as you bring out the bottles of wine to celebrate the night away! Fun and functional, this wedding favor can also be personalized with your names, the date of your wedding or monogram placed in a rustic charm wedding sticker design, leaves or lace.  

    6. Customized Honey Sticks

    To grace your wedding with their presence is such a sweet gesture that deserves a lot of appreciation. Let your guests know how much you value them by giving this sweet treat of a custom honey stick. The beauty of a rustic wedding lies in the fact that you can actually give away something of this nature. This sweet wedding favor comes in two honey sticks with a custom tag and tied with Ivory Tulle. Personalize it by sending your own message or choose from the following messages: Meant to Bee, Love as Sweet as Honey or You’re so SWEET for coming.   


    7. Glittery Hand Fans in Gold

    Decorate your rustic themed wedding with these glittery gold hand fans that double as a gorgeous wedding favor for your guests.  A great mix of glamour and vintage these fans allow your guest to cool down and enjoy your outdoor wedding. Personalize it by placing your names and wedding details on it and you’re ready to hand your guests a really thoughtful gift.

    8. Rustic Wood Set

    Natural and organic defines your rustic wedding theme. And nothing comes close to that then these rustic wood set. This circular, real wood has visible age circles on it. It comes complete with a slit to firmly hold your place card or photo. What’s more, guests can bring home this rustic wedding item as a reminder of the beauty of nature and a thank you gift to remember your wedding by.    

    9. Rustic Mint Favors

    Friends and loved one enjoyed your romantic rustic wedding. Relaxed and informal, there’s no better time to hand out these wedding mints as a thank you gift after they have enjoyed a hearty dinner from your reception. Personalize it with your names and wedding date plus choose the paper and flower color closest to your wedding motif and you’re all set to give out these wedding mints in burlap theme with white roses.   

    10. Mini Moss and Wicker Planter

    A rustic table set up won’t be complete without this realistic faux-moss planter. Place your flowers in this fully lined wicker planter and let them naturally shine. Thanking your guests has never been this unique. This is one wedding favor they will see again and again displayed in their own homes or gardens, one that will definitely remind them of your beautiful rustic wedding.

    11. Rustic Burlap Bags

    Made from 100% burlap jute fabric, these vintage-inspired burlap bags complete the rustic look of your wedding. It comes with a thick handle, a clear plastic pocket for name tags or cards and even your favorite couple picture. The imprint area can also be embroidered or printed with your names and wedding date. Functional, strong and durable, this is one wedding favor your guests will treasure and use for a long time.


    12. Succulent Plants

    Let your table setting get as rustic as can be with these small faux succulent plants. Use them as a unique place card holder or even as a centerpiece. This lovely wedding favor is made of plastic, ceramic and natural pebbles. Surprise guests as you let them take it home as your way of thanking them for making your wedding day extra special.

    13. Mini Mason Jars

    Mason Jars not only give that rustic charm to your wedding set up, but they can also be used in many different ways. This is one wedding favor that defines the rustic theme of having DIY favors. Place your favorite jam, honey, or special candies in these mason jars and it doubles up as a wedding favor. You may also place some tea lights, flowers or succulents to create a romantic and rustic ambiance for your wedding. Whichever way you use them, these mini mason jars will definitely be a gift well-appreciated by your guests.

    14. Rustic Soap Favors

    Bring the charm and country flair to your wedding as you adorn each table with these rustic and lace soap favors. These soaps are all natural vegan and handmade. Choose your preferred soap and sleeve color. The soap is also available in 5 scents, namely: grapefruit (pink), lemon and eucalyptus (blue), lavender rose (purple), red wine (burgundy) and mint (green). Decorated with white lace ribbon and wrapped in a personalized sleeve, you’re all set to give guests this lovely wedding favor.   

    15. Swing Top Glass Square Bottle

    Make your wedding favor extra special as you fill these swing top glass bottles with specialties coming from your own kitchen such as a favorite sauce, spices, infused vinegar or oils, liquor and many other treats that your guests will be delighted to have. It’s FDA rated food grade safe and with the generous size, unique square shape and spill-proof lid of these bottles, guests will definitely reuse these bottles in their own kitchen. Personalize it by placing sticker, tags or labels with your names and wedding date.

    16. Luminous Mini Lantern in White

    Elegant looking and definitely a table accessory that’s perfect for your rustic wedding set up. These charming and practical mini-lanterns are set to impress guests and provide that romantic mood and ambiance as they light up your wedding venue. Rustic and vintage at the same time, guests will be delighted to know that they can bring one of these lovely, glossy white aluminum lanterns home as a thank you gift from you.