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    51 Cute Beach Wedding Favors in 2022

     It's your dream wedding - a wedding by the beach. You have every friend and loved one on your guest list come to your destination wedding. They have invested time, effort and resources to be able to make it to your special day simply because you are loved and valued by them. And there’s nothing more you want than this dream beach wedding surrounded by the people you love the most. It’s a wedding you want to make as memorable as possible. Make it an unforgettable beach wedding by letting your guests know how much you love and appreciate them by saying thanks along with a fun beach favor they can bring home with them. 

    Here are 51 fun beach wedding favors you can choose from:  

    51. Hand Sanitizer – Tropical Design

     Just because your wedding will be out in the open, does not mean you and your guests will be spared from the germs and bacteria spread by hands. Let this Hand Sanitizer – Tropical Design be present in your souvenir tables so everyone can just grab adorable little bottles of clear hand sanitizers that are 15 ml in size. It features a clear bottle with a white flip top that opens up for easy and secure access to the hand sanitizer liquid within. The tropical design is a refreshing addition to the celebration while the personalized label will make each recipient feel your care in every drop of sanitation.

    50. Personalized Silver Starfish Keychain

    Car, house, locker, office pedestal, or drawer, each of these has keys that most of your guests and loved ones probably own. Hence, everybody has keys to carry and keep, and what better way to make them remember your beach wedding than by giving each of them this Personalized Silver Starfish Keychain. This starfish keychain features a super sparkly faux druzy that looks like a piece of ocean and the personalized initial of your choice. The sea-inspired charms and the initial makes this keyholder memorabilia of your amazing celebration and a keeper of precious keys.

    49. Flower Power Tumbler

    Give your petal-sprinkling star of the aisle a favor they will appreciate. After all, your flower girls will still be working hard under the sun to ensure you will be walking in flower-filled sand like the princess that you are. Hydrate that little member of the bride squad by giving her this Flower Power Tumbler that she can carry around even during your wedding. Each tumbler holds up to 12 oz of liquid and comes with an acrylic straw for easy sipping. Drinks will remain cold for up to 24 hours as this has a vacuum-sealed design and push-down lid.

    48. Summer Hat Favor

    Make your summer bridal shower even hotter by giving each of your bride tribes an astonishingly beautiful Summer Hat Favor. Now they can walk on the beach before, after, or during your wedding, while rocking their sand-inspired outfits and the headcover they will always be proud to show off. Each hat can be printed with either the names of your bride squads or their role in your wedding. One can never be too proud to be a bridesmaid after all especially if the bride knows how to give sexy gifts that add charms to her ladies.

    47. Jelly Bag Favor

    Schedule the pool party or the beach bridal shower and give your ladies this Jelly Bag Favor they can flaunt while they stroll. This incredibly cute monogrammed jelly bag for all occasions is a cute wedding favor that can be filled with other treats or given alone. Available in Mauve, Blush, and Ivory Tan, this plastic tote can be personalized with an initial of your choice. It also comes with a keychain that either says bride or babe with black and color options. If you are feeling generous, you can add the insulated tumbler for a complete summer package.

    46. Custom Wedding Flip Flops

    These Custom Wedding Flip Flops will unleash the creative and funny side in you if you give this as a favor to your guests. Just give the right or the left side as an invitation and they shall get the other piece of the pair as they attend your wedding on the beach. These slippers are available from Small to XL and can be printed with the names of your guests and loved ones. Color options for the prints are Black blue, burgundy, gold, green, navy, pink, purple, red, silver turquoise, and yellow so you can choose the one fitted for your theme. Use it as a place card too so they will look for their seats and tables as they look for their flip flops.

    45. Beach Painting Coffee Cup

     Let your guests bring home a piece of your wedding scenery with this Beach Painting Coffee Cup. It is a stoneware mug with an original watercolor “Beach Grass” design painted on it in vibrant colors. The view of the beach comes alive in every sip of morning coffee and automatic nostalgia will be ignited every time they use this mug. It is available in 11 and 15 oz for stoneware and 12 oz for metal enamel. Add a tag in it or content of your choice for a grander giveaway and token of appreciation. 

    44. Knots and Crosses Game Favor

     Playfulness must be a part of every relationship and a wedding is no exception. This Knots and Crosses Game Favor will unleash the gamer in you and your guests and loved ones. Indulge everyone in a fun and classic game of knots and crosses with this favor that allows them to bring a piece of the Irish North coast as well. Each favor includes a little hessian bag with the classic knots & crosses lines/grid, 9 stones at random with the crosses. And a label to write anything of your choice on, personalize it with your choice of name & date, or the names of each of your guests on each one. 

    43. Beach Wedding Cups

    A cup in hand means a good time in the making. To ensure fun under the sun by give away these Beach Wedding Cups to your guests and loved ones on your special day. These BPA Free Recyclable Plastic Stadium Cups offer a unique and fun way to thank your wedding guests and loved ones for filling your love tank too. Available in 12, 16, 22, and 32 ounces, these favors are made with High-Density Polypropylene, meet CPSIA Standards, California Prop 65 Compliant, and meet FDA Regulations. Print both sides with your choice of statement, name, dates, and hashtags, and watch your guests carry, use and bring home the joy you just poured to them.

    42. Custom Flip Flop Bottle Opener Set

    Beach-themed parties and weddings usually call for beer splurging as well. With that in mind, give away this Custom Flip Flop Bottle Opener Set that measures 1.57 wide and 3.54" tall. Scatter it around the tables for an added decoration and easy access or include it in the treat bags, either way, this stainless steel bottle opener will do its job of popping open the bubbly celebratory drink in place. Each opener can be personalized and laser engraved for a delicate finish but long-lasting durability. Men and women alike will love a dainty piece of tool.

    41. Perfect Pashmina

     Since the heat on your beach-themed wedding may encourage your bride quad to wear revealing but refreshing outfits, protect them from sunburn or too much sun exposure by giving them this Perfect Pashmina. These pashminas can be an accent to any outfit and are made with pure top-quality cotton. Pashmina shawls are elegant for evening or formal wear, so they may still use them as the party progresses at night. They may wrap a pashmina stole around bare shoulders for a touch of late-evening warmth, or tie around their neck for a quick summer night look.

    40. Sun Visor Favors

    Add a touch of uniqueness to your wedding by making your guests and bride tribe wear these Sun Visor Favors. They make the perfect addition for you and your best babes to take with you to any fun beach day, pool party, boat day, summer fun, a bachelorette party, or on vacation. Available in White, Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red, these sun visors are more than ready to adapt to your wedding theme and motif. Personalize each by printing either Babe, Bride, Mrs., Mrs. (Last Name), Wifey, or Names for a more joyful and colorful celebration.

    39. Beach-Themed Lollipop

    This Beach-Themed Lollipop will be a sweet addition to any wedding celebration as it depicts the beauty of the sea while filling each palate with saccharine goodness. Individually wrapped, these gorgeous "Under the Sea" lollipops also feature hand-punched starfish and sand dollars, and gold sugar crystals replicating golden sand. One grab of these favors and each guest will be treated to a whole under the sea experience in a mouthful. Flavor options are Cotton Candy, Champagne, Marshmallow, and many more.

    38. Custom Aloe Vera Gel Lotion Wedding Party Favor Beach

    Help soothe the skin of your guests and loved ones after a day in the sun with a unique aloe blend formula present in this Custom Aloe Vera Gel Lotion Wedding Party Favor Beach. The reusable bottle comes with an easy to open and close cap and the gel lotion comes in a light green shade giving a feel and look of spreading an actual aloe vera on the skin. It is lightly scented and the waterproof vinyl labels may be customized using eco-solvent inks that will not bleed or run.

    37. Palm Leaf Party - SAME

    It is so lovely to just jump on the pool or beach before or after a beach-themed wedding, but getting wet has to stop at one point. Let your guests and loved ones dry up using these Palm Leaf Party - SAME towels. These round towels are designed with tropical patterns with a cool fridged edge to match. Best of all, the roundies feature a microfiber material for easy drying after swimming in refreshing water.  Each stylish towel can be personalized with the name of your choice.

    36. Sea Shell Candle

    sea shell candle


    Uniquely reflect your beach wedding as you hand these Sea Shell Candle to guests and loved ones. These pretty wax candles can easily accentuate your table set up. The candles come in a surplus of colors to choose from, and comes in lovely packaging. What’s more, it will definitely accentuate the homes of your guests too.

    35. Bath Salt Favors 

    Let this handmade item bring that holistic and luxury spa experience to your guests. The Bath Salt Favors are sure to be loved and used as it is all-natural and chemical-free. The Himalayan pink salt & Dead sea salt & of course the flowers make the test tubes look so colorful. This gift comes with a cute little thank you tag with your name.

    34. Real Shell Holders

    They can’t ask for a more perfect seaside event. Your beach wedding will definitely be remembered with these shell holders. It beautifully decorates your table with real sea shells in different shapes and sizes. It also comes with matching designer place cards. Guests would happily bring home this perfect memento.  

    33. Personalized Sunglasses

    These personalized sunglasses will add an extra special touch to your day.  Imagine how many fun pictures you will have with everyone at your wedding wearing these.  You can get both arms customized, and the best part is they are super affordable! If you like the idea of getting something personalized but would like to see more options, check out these great personalized wedding favors.

    32. Succulent Aromatherapy

    Guests would love to take home these cactus tea light candles. It’s made of high-quality paraffin wax candle material. The holder ensures that it won’t spill while burning and extends the time of burning. It doubles as a perfect thank you gift and creates a romantic atmosphere for your wedding.  What’s more, its environment-friendly at a very affordable price.

    31. Wooden Picture Frame

    Guests and loved ones have made your joy complete on this special day. The relaxed ambiance of your wedding has made it easier for guests to get to know each other and celebrate each moment of your special day with you. And there’s no better way to send them off than giving this eco-friendly and beautiful square resin frame with a wood print that so aptly decorated your beach wedding. Add to that your favorite couple picture in the heart-shaped space and you would have come up with a thank you gift that your guests will truly love.     

    30. Floral Garden Candle

    Personalized candle favors with a floral theme make practical & useful favors for a wedding or bridal shower.  These floral labels can be personalized with your color, style, and text. Your guests would truly be delighted with this gift. 

    29. Burlap Drawstring Bags

    Made of 100% burlap  fabric, this mini gift tote bags are eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable.  This is one durable tote bag that you can easily fill with treats for your guests.

    28. Sketched Hearts Fan

    Very ideal when you are having an outdoor wedding, this sketched hearts fan will keep your guests feeling cool and comfortable. It is made of synthetic silk fabric and real bamboo. This fan is large enough to keep guests cool yet small enough to fit into their bag. Like the idea of getting a hand fan but want to see more options, if so check out these great hand fan wedding favors.

    27. Watercolor Tote Bag

      Handmade and designed by a local artist, this lightweight, natural colored, 100% organic cotton fabric is perfect to carry all your stuff in a lovely tote bag. Designs are made directly into the fabric and would not crack or peel. You can even have this gift customized, wrapped as a special gift with a note and sent to your guests. 

      26. Hand Fans

      If your having a summer wedding your guests will love you for getting these hand fans.  Affordably priced and cute, you can choose between 17 different colors. These will add an extra special touch to your wedding.

      25. Linen Draw String Gift Bag

      Add that glamorous finishing touch as you hand these lovely linen drawstring gift bags to your guests. Flowers can be added to the bags and be used as a wedding décor that guests can bring home as a thank you gift from you. This is one gift that will truly delight your guests.

      24. Lovebirds Salt & Pepper Shakers

      These cute Lovebird Salt & Pepper shakers are perfect for your beach wedding.  Delight your wedding guests with two love birds that are so cute they will be thrilled to display them at in their house. They'll thank you ever time they get a compliment on how lovely they are!

      23. Wine Glass Candle


      This unique and practical gift is something they can get to enjoy and use every day. This 100% soy wax candle poured in a stemless wine glass is modern and offers a sophisticated fragrance with notes of grape, pear, plum, and strawberry. It is also complemented with hints of gardenia and delicate musk. The labels are fully customizable and use rubber cement to make it ready to use for their wine.    

      22. Log Candle Holder

      Let your table setting be adorned with this Log Candle Holder. Guests would be happy to take this gift home and beautifully light up and enjoy their cozy space. It’s simply perfect for your beach wedding with its natural hardwood ash and 100% natural hemp oil finish. The size of this log is 14” long and comes with 4 tea light candles.
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      21. Luminous Mini Lantern in White

      A table accessory that will surely add elegance to your beach wedding, these charming and practical mini-lanterns are set to impress guests and provide that romantic mood and ambiance as they light up your wedding venue. Guests will be delighted to know that they can bring one of these lovely, glossy white aluminum lanterns home as a thank you gift from you.

      20. Turkish Personalized Towel

      This Turkish personalized towel is made from 100% Turkish cotton. This peshtemel towel absorbs water faster and dries very quickly. It’s easy to carry and takes up lesser space compared to other towels. It is an excellent beach companion that your bridesmaids will truly appreciate. What’s more, is that it’s an eco-friendly gift that can also be personalized with your bride tribe’s name or initials.   

      19. Sunscreen Favor

      Let this sunscreen favor be part of your guests welcome kit for your destination wedding. You can even have the label customized in full color and placed on each sunscreen ready to be handed to your guests. This sunscreen is Paraben free and FDA approved so it’s definitely safe for everyone.  The bottle is also reusable complete with a handy carabiner clip.

      18. Under-Sea Candle

      sea shell candle

      These handmade candles are crafted to ensure the quality of each. The Under-Sea Candle is made with real lovely high-quality seashells. The candle has blended fragrances that come from essential oils placed in an elegant-looking jar. Your guests would truly be delighted with this gift.   

      17. Shell Wedding Favor

      Capture the magic of your beach wedding as you give this shell favor inspired by the beauty of the seaside. Let it double as a decoration for your table or as a reception hall decoration. These shells are made from Oak finished wood and can be personalized with your names and the date of your wedding. 

      16. Summer Can Coolers

      These collapsible foam can coolers are perfect gifts to thank your guests on your wedding day. Made from superior elite 3MM thick neoprene dense scuba material, this gift provides premium insulation and is collapsible so it easily fits any size of purse or pocket. This beautiful and creative memento is a sure fun way to thank your guests!  

      15. Wooden Starfish Photo Frame 

      This pretty and charming picture frame doubles up as a unique place card. Place the name of your guests in the middle and your thank you note for making your wedding day extra special with their presence. 

      14. Small Succulent Plants

      Perfect for your beach wedding, these succulent plants are sure to last a long time compared to the real ones. Potted in its own miniature ceramic containers, these small faux succulents can be used as a place card holder, a centerpiece and even double as a wedding favor for your guests. They will surely love to take these beautiful low maintenance and pretty succulent plants home.

      13. By The Shore Coaster

      The design of this cool coaster speaks of a flower in bloom drawing inspiration from your beach wedding. Definitely one of the best wedding favors one can receive after a relaxing walk by the beach! Guests can’t help but bring one home.

      12. Personalized Lip Balm

      Scented with natural vanilla flavor, this classic and memorable lip balm wedding favor is sure to keep each lip moisturized, soft and supple. You can choose from two floral designs. The label can also be personalized with the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date. 

      11. Two-sided Burlap Fans (set of 12)

      Want your guests to forever remember your beach wedding celebration? These two-sided burlap fans have served its purpose by keeping your guests cool and comfortable all throughout your special day. The best part is they can bring home these personalized fans with your names and your wedding date that double as wedding favors.   

      10. Nautical Place Card Holders

      Direct your guest to their seats but let it be the very thing they get to take home as a special thank you gift from you. Your beach wedding will be perfectly accentuated with these nautically inspired weigh anchor. Make these gorgeous place card holders your way of showing gratitude to family and friends for making your wedding a very special one.         

      9. Succulents

      Give your guest something that can adorn their gardens or living area with these gorgeous succulents. This gift comes with a how-to-care for your succulents. They are easy to grow, saves water and they are lovely to look at as it bolts when it blooms. Guests can easily plant them in the ground, containers and flower boxes. As these succulents grow and mature they spread to create a carpet of colors and contrasts, reminding your guest of the wonderful feeling they felt on your wedding day.      

      8. Lavender Handmade Freshener

      Hand this Muslin bags with English lavender flower buds that are highland organic and naturally dried as your way of saying thank you to your guests. Affordable and useful, guests can use them as drawer sachets, closets, car, beauty bags, pillow, nightstand, storage bins and even for relaxing as they go to sleep. They can even reuse the easily re-sealable craft bag. 

      7. Rustic Burlap Bags

      Complete the rustic look of your wedding with this bag made from 100% burlap jute fabric. This vintage inspired burlap bag comes with a thick handle, a clear plastic pocket for name tags or cards and even your favorite couple picture. The imprint area can also be embroidered or printed with your names and wedding date. This is one wedding favor your guests will treasure and use for a long time. 

      6. Beach Themed Candle

      Create that calm and relaxing ambiance as you decorate your tables with this stunning beach themed candle favor. The clear glass outer holder is designed with a floating seascape topped with a central clear plastic holder with a white wax tea light candle inside. The underwater scene is suspended in a clear gel to ensure stability. This wedding favor is beautifully packaged in a clear display box and tied with a blue satin ribbon complete with a tag and ready to be given to guests and loved ones.

      5. Wine Charms

      Let your family and friends be charmed by these unique beach themed wine charms. This set includes four beach-themed wine charms each depicting different treasures from the sea including shells and more. It also comes with an attractive package in a matching beach themed deluxe gift box tied with a white organza bow and finished with a seashell-shaped tag.

      4. Elegant Orchid Tea Light Holder 

      This charming orchid tea light holder is the best way to remind your guests of the enchanting ambiance of your destination wedding. Show your gratitude and let them bring home the good memories from your special day.  

      3. Pineapple Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

      This novelty item will be treasured by guests years after your wedding day. Designed to sit atop one another, this pineapple salt and pepper shaker stacks together and is labeled with gold, pineapple shaped foil. This wedding favor is perfect for your tropical or beach wedding.

      2. Steer the Ship Magnet Favor Gift 

      This sail away magnet favor gift is perfect for your nautical or beach inspired wedding. Let your guests remember the happy times spent with you on your special day. Charming and durable, this wedding favor is also useful for displaying treasured memories.

      1. Sweet Sip Mason Jar

      Surprise your guests and have their favorite drinks served in this sweet sip Mason jar that doubles as a wedding favor.  It's vintage-inspired, with a metallic white lid and an opening at the center for a straw. Simple, yet a gift your guests will definitely treasure and remember your wedding by.