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    16 Best Personalized Glassware Favors

    In a wedding, no matter what the theme or motif is, there will always be glassware involved especially during the reception. However, as times changed and event favors evolved, glass-made giveaways become an appreciated trend. So, if you want to give away the said elegant glass-constructed tokens, here is a list of 17 Best Glassware Wedding Favors you may choose from without having to break one as you do.

    17. Merry Merry Wedding Glass 

    A stemless container of your celebratory drink such as this Merry Merry Wedding Glass is exactly what you need to add more cheer to your wedding day. Imagine your bridesmaids drinking from a personalized champagne glass with their names on it, would you not feel a lot merrier? You may give away this wedding favor during your bridal shower or you may place it on their tables during the reception. After all the hydrating and liquor sipping, they may bring home their glasses. Why not? Their names are printed in it after all, right?

    15. Personalized Glass Coaster – Clear 


    One of the most uncommon favors you can find that is made in glass is a coaster. They are usually made of wood, marble, cloth, or plastic. But a Personalized Glass Coaster – Clear is a rare and classy find which makes the gift-giving more exquisite. This coaster has padded feet for surface protection and can be customized by printing names, dates, or initials of your choice. Your guests will need a nice, thematic and safe place to put their glasses to, whether at your wedding reception or in their homes, so these favors will be a blockbuster idea.

    14. Sleek Shooters

    Gone are the days of using just one-shot glass. Nowadays, especially in the emergence of the pandemic, it will be a great idea to give your groomsmen their personalized Sleek Shooters and be on your way to a safe drinking session. These shot glasses are shatter-resistant and dishwasher safe. So print their initials in each, pour in up to 1.8 ounces of liquor, and have fun. Share memories and laughter but not the risk of getting the virus.

    13. Personalized Champagne Flutes For Bridesmaids

    Classy, sexy, and sultry, your ladies will be perfectly represented by these Personalized Champagne Flutes For Bridesmaids. Each flute is personalized with its name and a year of your choice. It will be an elegant way to toast your nuptials and celebrate your union. Meanwhile, your besties can bring home these elegant glasses to use for their future celebrations. Even drinking alone will be made classier with this piece. This elite glass holds 6 oz of liquid.

    12. Personalized Etched 8oz Airtight Glass Jar

    Place your choice of treats or mini-essential items in this Personalized Etched 8oz Airtight Glass Jar and make your guests smile in awe of your glassware favor. This airtight jar will be engraved with your custom design using a process called sandblasting which gives an elegant appearance with deep, smooth, and even cuts. The said kind of etching will never fade nor wash away, so you can guarantee a long-lasting reminder of how awesome your wedding was.

    11. Pic Pint

    Pick the funniest and most candid image of your best buddies and print them in this Pic Pint. Add their names below and you will be giving away a remarkable favor to your groomsmen. Each glass will be laser engraved with the photo of your choice and the name of your preference. Yes, beer puts men in a celebratory mood but pouring it into a mug with their mug flaunting on it, will bring out more of their fun-loving side.

    10. Custom Glass Chopping Board

    Your female principal sponsors may love staying in their kitchens and a Custom Glass Chopping Board will be an appreciated addition to their glassware collection. It can be customized with the name, initials, or monogram of your choice for a more personalized approach. This wedding favor is a functional piece and it doubles as a decorative glass in a bar, kitchen, or dining area. Perfect for slicing fruits or vegetables, this glass chopping board is easy to clean with handwash.


    9. Personalized Casserole Dish



    Most ladies love to cook, so for your bride tribe, this Personalized Casserole Dish will be a give-away they cannot resist. It comes with easy-grip handles for use with pot warmers and a red Pyrex plastic lid for safe food keeping. This Pyrex baking dish can be laser engraved with your choice of name, initial, monogram, and date using the state-of-the-art commercial laser engraving machine. Convenient and elegant, this glass dish is microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher safe.

    8. Personalized Mini Mason Jar Shot Glass Wedding Favors

    Run to the nearest candy store and choose your saccharine treats to put in this Personalized Mini Mason Jar Shot Glass Wedding Favors. It can be personalized with your choice of initials so your guests may pick the letter that corresponds to their names, or the content they prefer. Choose between a rose gold and silver lid and then pick the color of the initials that will be printed outside the glass. This product offers a wide range of color options for the initials.

    Personalized Mini Mason Jar Shot Glass Wedding Favors

    7. Rustic Glasses

    Bring back the feeling of drinking from old milk bottles and ignite some happy nostalgia during your wedding. Your guests deserve to drink from these Rustic Glasses and feel once more how it was like when things were simpler. Personalize it with the name of your choice in white vinyl lettering. Serve your bridal shower or wedding drinks in these glasses or use it as a place card by putting each named container in their designated tables.

    6. Glass Wedding Straws

    The day that drinking straws are made of eco-friendly material has finally come. These Glass Wedding Straws are thick glass sipping tools that are heat resistant and reusable. Now you can say goodbye to using single-use plastic straws and your guests will take part in such advocacy too. Place it beside each plate on the reception tables, put it in glasses or give it away individually with a ribbon or tag, either way, these straws will make a statement on your special day.

    5. Classic Groomsman Whiskey Glasses

    Let your groomsmen give you a toast in style with these Classic Groomsman Whiskey Glasses. These glasses are ideal for enjoying liquor neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of water. Whether your groomsmen prefer whiskey, scotch, or bourbon, these favors will serve them just right. Personalize each glass with their name, role in the wedding, and date of the ceremony. Elegance and durability, these glasses will be one heck of glassware that your boys can bring home and add to their bar or kitchen.

    4. Glass Vase Wedding Favor

    Revolutionize your wedding venue, tabletop, or outdoor landscape with these Glass Vase Wedding Favor. You may put flowers or a few plant arrangements in it and then have your guests get one before going home or you can simply put it on souvenir tables so they may choose to form the four different styles that it has. Each vase is crafted from glass through an electroplating process that creates a sleek and stylish result. So, add an element of artful appeal to your wedding and let guests bring home such beauty.

    3. Custom Classic Groomsman Mug

    After a night of wild and extensive drinking, your groomsmen may need to recover from your stag party and sober up with coffee. Serve them using this Custom Classic Groomsman Mug. Each coffee mug rests comfortably in the hand and keeps their drink at the perfect temperature. Plus you may have it engraved with the name, title, and date of your choice. The next time they will be needing to wake up from a hangover will be after your wedding.

    2. Personalized Fused Glass Plate


    Probably, one of the most useful pieces of glassware every person ever owned is a plate. It can be used for eating, serving, slicing (sometimes), and even as a catch for small accessories, etc. That’s why as a wedding glassware favor, this Personalized Fused Glass Plate is one of the best there is on the list. This minimalist fused glass plate set will state your perfect elegant taste at the table. Meals served in these plates look like a piece of art.

    1. Vintage Pink Glass 

    A timeless classic, this Vintage Pink Glass is a versatile glassware wedding favor that will not only add glamour and style to the venue but will also bring joy to any recipient. Part of the Modern Romance design collection, this tea light holder has a look that never goes out of style. Apart from holding a tea light candle, it can also be used as a vase. However you want to use it on your wedding day, your guests will decide how they will maximize it in their homes.