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    17 Festive Wedding Favors to Ring in the New Year with Style

    As the year comes to a close, many couples choose to tie the knot on New Year's Eve, celebrating the start of their new life together as the clock strikes midnight.

    If you're planning a New Year's Eve wedding, you'll want to make sure every detail, including the favors, is festive and fitting for the occasion. In this blog post, we've rounded up 17 creative New Year's Eve wedding favors that will help your guests ring in the new year with style.

    From personalized champagne flutes to confetti poppers and more, these favors are sure to be a hit with your guests and add a touch of fun to your celebration.

    17. Blue Glitter Champagne Flutes

    Toast the celebrated union and add sparkle to the welcome of the New Year with this Blue Glitter Champagne Flutes. Made of plastic, these dark blue glitter champagne flutes add the perfect amount of sparkle to your bubbly. Guests and loved ones may each carry one of these cocktail party cups and fill it with their choice of beverage. As they raise their glasses, the glitters sealed in the cup will reflect the light fill the room with a much-appreciated addition of shine and color.

    16. New Year’s Eve Bottle Openers

    A wedding and New Year’s Eve celebration both call for liquor bottle-opening scenarios. Merge the two events in one day and you have yourself a bunch of guests who will seize the opportunity to pop open their own. So, to ensure that they can all handle that situation, give these New Year’s Eve Bottle Openers as your wedding day favor and see how it adds to the jubilance of the celebration. These openers are made of stainless steel and are crafted to easily fit wallets, pockets, and purses. Plus it can be personalized so that’s one handy, heartwarming, and long-lasting token of appreciation.

    15. New Year Squad Shirt


    Digging a unique, fun, and cool wedding day reception? Have your guests wear this New Year Squad Shirt and enter into a new year with a bang! Your guests will be comfortable wearing this cotton garment and your special day will have a modern and casual touch of a New Year’s Eve party while still looking united to celebrate your union. After all, they may be part of the New Year Squad, as what is printed in front, but they will always be members of the Wedding Squad.

    14. Pop Fizz Clink Rosé or Champagne Gummy Bear


    Whether you and your guests do not like alcohol or you want them to enjoy a New Year’s Eve favor aligned to uniquely popping champagne bottles, this Pop Fizz Clink Rosé or Champagne Gummy Bear is your best bet. Each mini container comes with your choice of rosé or champagne flavored gummy bears (approx. 2.5 oz) and a personalized glossy label adhered in front. Containers are made of clear acrylic with a gold foil on top and make a great added decoration to your wedding venue before it serves you as a wedding giveaway.

    13. New Year’s Eve Midnight Kiss Kit Gift Box


    Since tradition inspires people to find someone to kiss during the actual time when the year turns, this New Year’s Eve Midnight Kiss Kit Gift Box will be a must-have on your wedding day. Weddings are romantic and the vibe may bring more people closer and ignite a spark that will lead to a kiss at the midnight. Prepare each of the guests with these mini clear gable boxes that come filled with white crinkles, a small round tin of mints because a fresh breath is a good arsenal for a great kiss, and champagne flavored Chapstick so they will get to celebrate the kiss while it's happening.

    12. New Year's Eve Wedding Can Cooler

    Admit it, a wedding that happens during the holidays probably falls in a cold season. However, it is no excuse to skip drinking ice-cold beverages. To keep the hands of your guests warm and their can of drinks cool, giveaway this New Year's Eve Wedding Can Cooler as your wedding favor, and the whole reception will be more festive. Made from Superior Elite 3MM Thick Neoprene, Dense Scuba Material that Provides Premium Insulation, these koozies are collapsible to fit pockets or purses and may be personalized to mark the merger of your wedding and New Year’s eve celebration.

    11. New Year’s Eve Wedding Lollipop

    Although kids will be thrilled to bring home a saccharine treat from your wedding, adults will also find it delightful to devour and take home a New Year’s Eve Wedding Lollipop. Made of 100% edible ink and edible wafer paper, the New Year’s image encapsulated inside the lollipop and surrounded by glitters is completely safe to be ingested and enjoyed. Each lollipop comes individually wrapped with a matching curling ribbon. Available flavors are Almond, Coconut, Cotton Candy, Champagne, Peppermint, Strawberry, and Vanilla.

    10. New Year’s Cups


    Since a New Year’s Eve celebration may involve a lot of jumping and movements, serving celebratory drinks in glass cups may not be the best idea for your wedding reception. Giveaway these New Year’s Cups and let your guests and loved ones have their fun. These 16 oz plastic cups are printed with “Cheers my dears!” in gold to add to the theme color of both your wedding and the turning of the year. These cups come packaged in a clear cello bag with twine. After using them, guests may bring them home to remind them of the fun they just had or to use just because they want to.  

    9. Rhinestone Champagne Glass Earrings


    Show your bride squad that you have the luxury of giving them champagne glasses, not one but two. How? Through these Rhinestone Champagne Glass Earrings that are made of Rhinestone and faux pearls. The bubbly champagne glass design of these ear accessories makes it the perfect giveaway for your ladies on your wedding day so they may all wear the same show-stopping jewelry that aligns with the festivity of New Year’s Eve. Available in White, Gold, Red, and Green, these earrings are sure to bring more sparkle to your already shining event.

    8. New Year's Eve Hand Sanitizers Labels

    Add a sanitizer to your treat or welcome bags and level up the protection of your loved ones from the pandemic. But, before you drop those in, add in a personalized touch with these New Year's Eve Hand Sanitizers Labels. This way they will always carry with them your care and protection while remembering to spread cheers and not germs during your wedding day. After all, your wedding may be coinciding with the turn of the new year but it does not mean you have to stop the practices of keeping your hands clear that you did the previous year.

    7. New Year's Eve Themed Hershey's Kisses Stickers

    Pick up these New Year's Eve Themed Hershey's Kisses Stickers and you will no longer have to worry about dropping the ball on your New Year’s Eve decorations. Complete with fun images like fireworks and champagne bottles, along with sayings such as “Let’s celebrate” and “Cheers,” these stickers are ready to be attached to tasty chocolates for a unique wedding and New Year’s Eve treat. Sprinkle them around the venue for added decoration, place them on tables or put them in the bag or box and tag them as your wedding favors, either way, these stickers are sure to adhere in the hearts of your guests.

    6. New Year’s Eve Wine Glass Charms

    Attach and added delight to your wine glasses with these New Year’s Eve Wine Glass Charms. Each wine label helps guests identify their glasses and avoid drink mix-ups for a more convenient drinking session.  These wine glass charms are adorned with spinning sparkly charms, silver-colored celebration-themed charms, and metallic beads. Put them in each glass and allow your guests to bring them home after or place them in an organza bag and hand it out as a giveaway or welcome treat.

    5. New Year’s Eve Toasting Cups


    If you want a safe drinking session but still get the clink, then let these New Year’s Eve Toasting Cups be a part of your New Year’s Eve wedding celebration. Made from copper-plated stainless steel, these 17 oz mugs can help chill drinks faster and longer and maintain the ideal taste for a more enjoyable gulp. It features a vintage antique look that stands out and its plated make-up adds to the shining visuals of your venue and tabletops. Because it can be personalized with the wordings of your choice, in silver engraving, you may giveaway these mugs as a souvenir.

    4. Rose Gold Party Noisemaker

    People usually welcome the New Year with loud sounds and music. Traditionally it is done to banish evil spirits and welcome the coming blessings with a bang. Set your guests for that wondrous tradition with this Rose Gold Party Noisemaker. Scatter several noisemakers around the venue or place them on your table. Afterward, your guests may bring it home as your wedding favor so they may cleanse their own homes and make some lovely noises.

    3. New Year’s Eve Recovery Kit

    You have prepared everything for your wedding and your guests and loved ones is there to enjoy it with you. But to anticipate the post-New Year’s Eve wedding celebration shenanigans, give away this New Year’s Eve Recovery Kit and you can rest assured that those who will drink a bit too much at the reception will be taken care of. Each bag includes Advil Packet (2 pills), Alka-Seltzer, Vitamin C, 2 Band-Aids, and 2 Mints.

    2. New Year’s Light Up Headbands

    Light up the place, and glow the heads of your guests and loved ones on your New Year’s Eve wedding day with these New Year’s Light Up Headbands. As the clock strikes 12, everyone will give you and your wedding a multi-colored sheen that will brighten the place and the hearts of everyone. It will feel as though each person present is glowing with joy for your recently celebrated union with your beloved. And since it says Happy New Year, it also welcomes the turning of the calendar page with a bang.

    1. Personalized Champagne Bong

    Make everyone fill their Personalized Champagne Bong and place it in their mouths as they get ready to devour its content in a rapid and fun manner as the clock strikes 12. Your wedding toast will have a fun and unique twist as you enhance the consumption of your celebratory drinks with this acrylic plastic bong. Print each with the name of your guest for a more personalized touch and let them bring home this cool wedding favor.