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    12 Eco Friendly Wedding Favors

    You and your soon to be husband can’t help but incorporate your love for the environment in your wedding planning. You want to be able to thank your guests and give them something meaningful and eco-friendly. It has to be a wedding favor that supports the local community and help the environment too. There are many ways to go “green” when it comes to giving wedding favors. Make sure they are also gifts that can be used and reused.

    Going eco-friendly with your wedding favors will be a good start. Make a difference for the environment as you check out these 12 eco-friendly wedding favors:  

    12. Two-sided Burlap Fans


    Want your guests to forever remember your rustic outdoor wedding celebration? These two-sided burlap fans have served its purpose by keeping your guests cool and comfortable all throughout your special day. It has also helped adorn your rustic table setting. The best part is they can bring home these personalized fans with your names and your wedding date that double as wedding favors.   

    11. Rustic Burlap Bags

    Made from 100% burlap jute fabric, these vintage inspired burlap bags completes the rustic look of your wedding. It comes with a thick handle, a clear plastic pocket for name tags or cards and even your favorite couple picture. The imprint area can also be embroidered or printed with your names and wedding date. Place some seeds, tea or coffee inside this gorgeous looking bag. Functional, strong and durable, this is one wedding favor your guests will treasure and use for a long time.  

    10. Rustic Wood Set


      Natural and organic defines your rustic wedding theme. And nothing comes close to that than these rustic wood set. This circular, real wood has visible age circles on it. It comes complete with a slit to firmly hold your place card or photo. This wedding favor comes in set of 4. What’s more, guests can bring home this rustic wedding item as a reminder of the beauty of nature and a thank you gift to remember your wedding by.    

      9. Lavender Handmade Freshener

      Hand this Muslin bags with English lavender flower buds that are highland organic and naturally dried as your way of saying thank you to your guests and loved ones. Affordable and useful, guests can use them for drawer sachets, closets, car, beauty bags, pillow, night stand, storage bins and even for relaxing as they go to sleep. They can even reuse the easily re-sealable craft bag. This is one gift that your eco-friendly guests will truly appreciate.  

      8. Sketched Hearts Fan

      You’re not just making sure your wedding favors are eco-friendly. You also want to make sure that it is a gift that will be functional and help make your guests be comfortable enough while attending your outdoor wedding. This sketched hearts fan is very ideal when you are having an outdoor wedding. This fan will keep your guests feeling cool and comfortable. It is made of synthetic silk fabric and real bamboo. This fan is large enough to keep you cool yet small enough to fit into your bag. Functional and eco-friendly, definitely your way of saying thank you to guests and loved ones.  

       7. Succulents

        Give your guests something that can adorn their gardens or living area with these gorgeous succulents. This gift comes with a how-to-care for your succulents. They are easy to grow, saves water and they are lovely to look at as it bolts when it blooms. Guests can easily plant them in the ground, containers and flower boxes. As these succulents grow and mature they spread to create a carpet of colors and contrasts, reminding your guest of the wonderful feeling they felt on your wedding day and how grateful you are for making your day extra special with their presence.        

        6. Bamboo Coaster


        Let your guests go home with fond memories of your wedding and remembering your love for the environment with these bamboo coasters. The bamboo is a symbol of success and luck. It represents resilience, strength and the ability to quickly grow. Saying thank you with these bamboo coasters also speaks of the very things you want to bless your guests with as they leave your wedding.

        5. Personalized Soap

        Make your wedding favors truly luxurious and environment friendly with these mini soaps. This soap set contains 50 mini soap favors with wonderful scents. The soap is made from the combination of the following oils: palm, essential oils, coconut, almond, olive and castor oil.  It comes with a beautifully designed label with an option for flowers or leaves and color patterns you can choose from. You are sure to delight your guests with this useful and eco-friendly gift.

        4. Mini Silver Garden Watering Can


        Make this decorative silver watering can adorn the table setting of your rustic wedding. Your guests will be delighted to know that the Tiny Drop Watering Can is something that they can take home as a thank you gift from you.  It features a galvanized metal finish and a convenient handle. You can fill each can with small wedding favors or flowers and place one at each place setting. This is one charming favor that your guests will surely love. You can also attach a ribbon and a favor card to make it extra special.

        3. Pashmina

          Keep them warm and looking elegant at the same time with these lovely pashminas. Make your guests blush with delight as they get to take home these eco-friendly pashminas made from silky soft bamboo fiber. These pashminas can be customized from a choice of 31 shades and 17 options for tags. Tags are already assembled together with your pashminas and are ready to be given away to your beloved guests.

          2. Customized Honey Sticks

          To grace your wedding with their presence is such a sweet gesture that deserves a lot of appreciation. Let your guests know how much you value them by giving this sweet treat of custom honey stick. The beauty of a rustic wedding lies in the fact that you can actually give away something of this nature. This sweet wedding favor comes in two honey sticks with a custom tag and tied with Ivory Tulle. Personalize it by sending your own message or choose from the following messages: Meant to Bee, Love as Sweet as Honey or You’re so SWEET for coming. A gift that embodies your sweetness and the  love for the environment.

          1. Rustic Wooden Picture Frame


            Guests and loved ones have made your joy complete on this special day. The relaxed ambiance of your wedding has made it easier for guests to get to know each other and celebrate each moment of your special day with you. And there’s no better way to send them off than giving this eco-friendly and beautiful square resin frame with wood print that so aptly decorated your rustic wedding. Add to that your favorite couple picture in the heart- shaped space and you would have come up with a thank you gift that your guests will truly love.