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    41+ Unique Keychain Wedding Favors That Will Delight Your Guests

    Keychain wedding favors are a great way to show your guests how much you appreciate their presence on your special day.

    With so many options to choose from, you are sure to find something that fits the style and theme of your wedding.

    Here are some keychain favors that you can find at very reasonable prices!

    42 Keychain Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want!

    1. Floral Monogram Keychains

    Add more flowers to your wedding with these Floral Monogram keychain favors

    A floral-inspired keyholder is a practical and stylish gift you can give as a wedding favor. Each key chain is available in navy or blushes floral print with a gold vinyl monogram of your choice. 

    2. Customized 3D Vertical Bar Keychain

    Make your wedding more heartwarming by engraving your sentiments on all sides of these Customized 3D Vertical Bar keychain favors

    You can include coordinates, wedding dates in roman numerals, guest names or initials, and inspirational words similar to those found on necklaces and bracelets. 

    The customized vertical bar necklace can be engraved on up to 15 characters on all four sides. 

    3. Tassel USB Keychain

    Match your wedding theme with these pink and gold Tassel USB keychain favors

    This hardware includes gold metallic clip-in white USB cords for lightning cables and USB Type-C compatible phones, which will be helpful to all your guests long after the wedding. 

    Tech-genius or not, your guests and wedding tribe will clamor to have a favor such as this.

    4. Leaf Keychain

    A unisex favor you can give at your wedding is a monstera Leaf Keychain

    A key holder that everyone will be proud to use and can be personalized by putting their name initial on it. These keychain favors will complement your garden or beach-inspired wedding theme. 

    Made from an alloy that will undoubtedly be durable and pleasing to the eye due to its natural, calming green color 

    5. Crystal Keyring

    Gemstone energy medicine uses the body's inherent healing force to nourish and heal us in multiple ways, just like other energy medicine. 

    You can share the same remedy and soothing effect with a Crystal Keyring as your wedding favor. 

    A handmade gemstone wire-wrapped key chain that will tie up and help boost their energy. 

    6. Silver Plated Key Chain with 2GB USB Drive

    You can give your geeky guest a perfect favor: Silver Plated with a 2GB USB Drive keychain favors

    It is now part and in demand for students and young professionals in Gen Z or millennials. 

    You can personalize this sterling silver-plated elegant 2 GB flash drive keyholder by engraving five initials or your guest's name. 

    7. Rustic Personalized Keychain

    You can never go wrong with gifting something sturdy and wooden as a symbol of your sanctified matrimony. 

    Give your wedding guests the Rustic Personalized keychain favors as a token of appreciation for their presence in one of the most awaited events of your milestone in life. 

    It is also the best-personalized favor to give your challenging and rough groomsmen. 

    8. Brass Japanese Fishhook Keychain

    A traditional Brass Japanese Fishhook keychain favors are solid brass and comes with an O-Ring for easy attachment. 

    This key chain is favorable for male guests as it is easily attachable, detachable, and secured to keep all their keys organized and intact. 

    Available in gold, antique brass, silver, gunmetal, or matte gray and black colors.

    9. Macrame Heart Keychain with Aura Crystal Quartz

    For your Bohemian-inspired theme, parallel it with these Macrame Heart with Aura Crystal Quartz keychain favors

    An eye-catching and colorful handmade accessory that includes a high-vibration Aura Crystal Quartz is hand wrapped in wire and attached to help absorb, store, release, and regulate your body's energies. 

    Each key chain is made with love to inspire you to live in the moment. 

    10. Large Chunky Keyring

    What could be a more personal wedding favor than giving them a superb and colorful Large Chunky Keyring

    Made from PLA plastic, you can choose from various colors to print their names in 3D. 

    You love these keychain favors, so give them something as big as well. That is just pure delight.

    11. 1967 - 1972 Chevy/GMC C10 Truck Blazer Suburban Step side Keychains

    An ideal wedding favor you can give your masculine guests is a rustic Truck Blazer Suburban Step side Keychains

    These inspired 67-72 Chevrolet/GMC C10 trucks are laser cut from 1/8 inches thick 304SS stainless steel. 

    Keychains are tumble polished as a final finish. 

    12. Key Chain and Measuring Tap Favors - Fall Designs

    A unique and dual-purpose you can give as a wedding favor is the Key Chain and Measuring Tap Favors

    Your guests will appreciate this personalized key chain and measuring tap beyond measure. 

    It may also complement your and your partner's profession, whether you are a designer, tailor, or carpenter. 

    13. Gold Monogram Key Chains

    The Gold Monogram Key Chains is the perfect gift for your bridal party and as a wedding guest favor that you can customize with their initials. 

    Monogram keychains are gold mirror acrylic and come with a gold-colored lobster clasp and mini faux suede tassel.

    These complement their purses or bags, dresses, and shoes, too. 

    14. Wood Letter Keychain

     Another gender-neutral favor you can provide is a Wood Letter Keychain

    It measures two inches, so tiny that it is perfect for a backpack tag or a lanyard keychain with a name personalized, laser-cut, engraved, and matched with the large letter.

    It comes with a clasp for easy attachment. 

    15. Personalized Round Key Ring Bottle Opener

    For a cute and dual-purpose wedding favor, please provide them with a Personalized Round Key Ring Bottle Opener

    It has a variety of colorful designs you can choose from and indicate your preferred text on it. 

    No need to look for a bottle opener that is missing every time you need it. 

    16. Bike Chain Keyring

    One more simple party or wedding gift you can provide is the Bike Chain Keyring. A favor inspired for bikers and bike lovers. 

    It is made of chain links of bicycle chains that are stiffened and fixed, and the shape remains stable. 

    Each pendant is handmade, unique, cleaned, polished, and processed and comes with a lovely gift box.

    17. Gold Rose Keychain Favor

    Your bride squad and female guests will receive an enchanting wedding favor with this Gold Rose Keychain Favor.

    The keychain is made of molded metal, has a shiny gold finish, and features a three-dimensional rose attached to a gold metal keychain and gold keyring.  

    These perfectly feminine favors will add a finishing touch to your event tables. 

    18. Keychain "Key" Bottle Opener


    To be given a key is like being given an honor, a chance, and a license to be a part of something or to open something unique. 

    So, as you invite guests to your wedding, why not be creative and give away these Keychain "Key" Bottle Openers with the information about your upcoming wedding? 

    After all, no rule ever states that you can only give wedding favors after your special day.

    19. Personalized Macrame Keychain 

    Your boho-themed wedding deserves boho-inspired favors. 

    This Personalized Macrame Keychain will be a cute giveaway for your wedding guests, as it exudes beauty and elegance and a piece of art attached to a key holder. 

    Handmade and eco-friendly, you can personalize this keychain with a name of your choice. 

    20. Flask Keychain

    When giving an actual flask may be too grand or expensive, this Flask Keychain will be a welcome alternative. 

    Available in Pink and Silver, you may personalize this stainless steel hip flask with your choice of message, name, and date. 

    Each flask will be laser engraved for a delicate finish with long-lasting durability. 

    21. Bridesmaid Acrylic Keychains

    These Bridesmaid Acrylic Keychains are made especially for your bride tribe. 

    It can be printed with the names of your ladies in bright gold and comes with a stainless steel gold key ring. 

    They are a great addition to a proposal gift box or treat bag and may also be given as is. 

    22. White Flower and Green Leaf Glossy Resin Initial Keychain


    The nature-inspired design of this Resin Initial Keychain adds an elegant touch to any car key, purse, or tote. 

    It can be a favorite for summer, fall, or outdoor weddings, and guests will be delighted to receive such a dainty piece of a giveaway. 

    Since it comes in all letters of the alphabet, you may spread them on the souvenir table and let your guests pick their initials.

    23. Leather Heart Keyring

    Leather is one of the most excellent materials for a keyring. 

    It is timeless and elegant in its own right, which is why this Leather Heart Keyring is a great wedding favor to give your guests!

    These key chains are made with Leatherette (Saffiano pattern) and includes a metal ring, pin, and tassel.

    24. Wedding Keychains


    These Wedding Keychains bring the extra in the ordinary. Simple yet eye-catching, these key chains can easily be placeholders in one snap. 

    Place these key chains in the designated seats of your wedding team with either their names or their roles, and it will immediately become the center of their attention. 

    25. Personalized Leather Keychain


    Professional-looking with a touch of metallic elegance, this Personalized Leather wedding keychains are a sleek wedding favor to look out for. 

    Your groomsmen will not hesitate to grab one for themselves as it will organize their keys while adding to their dashing attire. 

    You may personalize these key chains with your name, initials, or messages. 

    26. Personalized Wine Cork Keyring

    These Personalized Wine Cork wedding keychains present a simple yet clever version of a wedding key holder. 

    Made of cork, this keychain may be designed in various ways depending on your wedding theme and motif. 

    You may opt for a figure, name, date, initials, or monogram. 

    27. Engraved Leather Bottle Opener Keychain


    Bottle openers and key chains are great gift suggestions, but this Engraved Leather Bottle Openerwedding keychains put the two unique pieces into one great fusion. 

    Words or designs may be engraved on the leather while the stainless-steel bottle-opening end serves its purpose. 

    This one is an excellent giveaway for the groomsmen and principal male sponsors. 

    28. Engraved Mini Screwdrivers Keychain


    At first glance, this Engraved Mini Screwdrivers wedding keychains may seem to only fit for the groom crew. 

    But if further analysis is placed, one may understand that women can use a screwdriver or two every so often too. 

    So, for the rest of the wedding tribe, let this keychain be a "thank you" and a handy tool token you can have them bring home after the wedding. 

    29. Spotify Code Special Song Keyring


    Search for your wedding song and get the code. Print it on this Spotify Code Special Song wedding keychains, and your guests will never forget you and your fantastic wedding every time they play the said song. 

    If they forget what song they heard during your wedding day, they have to grab their purse or tote and scan this keyholder in their Spotify app!

    30. Personalized Wedding Cake Keychain


    Whether your guests had a piece of your wedding cake, they will bring home a whole with this Personalized Wedding Cake wedding keychains

    Handcrafted from pewter, this keyholder will not tarnish or turn colors as the material is made to last forever. 

    These wedding keychains are an enticing choice but is certainly not edible.

    31. Bridesmaids Photo Keychain 


    This Bridesmaids Photo wedding keychains ensure that if the keys and keychain get lost or left somewhere else, they will still return to the rightful owner. 

    Made from acrylic, this keyring is customizable as the image of your bridesmaids or wedding tribe can be placed in each charm. 

     32. Gold Butterfly Key Chain


    Let your bridesmaids spread their wings and prepare to fly, not in the sky but to soar and do what they are supposed to do because their keys are safely held together with this Gold Butterfly wedding keychains.

    The butterfly has an intricate cut-out design accented with sparkling clear rhinestones and is attached to a gold key chain and ring. 

    These wedding keychains are packaged in a tangerine bottom box with a light peach stage.

    33. Engraved Keychain Bottle Openers

    One unique and thoughtful keychain wedding favor option is custom Engraved Keychain bottle openers.

    These personalized bottle openers make great souvenirs for your guests that they can use repeatedly. The engraving allows you to create a unique design.

    With the variety of colors available, you can find one that perfectly matches your wedding theme.

    34. Cute Leather Keychain

    When choosing wedding favors for your guests, nothing can compare to the unique appeal of a leather keychain.

    Leather Keychains make fantastic gifts that your guests can keep for years, so why not make them extra special?

    A great way to add a personal touch to your wedding keychains is to get custom laser-engraved initials.

    35. Mini Rustic Wedding Keychain

    Are you looking for a unique and thoughtful wedding favor that your guests will love? Look no further than our Mini Rustic Wedding Keychains!

    These wedding keychains are the perfect addition to any wedding celebration. So, give your guests something unique and meaningful they can take home with them!

    These charming little key chain favors are perfect for any rustic or country-inspired wedding.

    36. Custom Name Birth Flower Keychain

    When it comes to wedding favors, you want something unique and special that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

    Custom Name Birth Flower keychain wedding favors are an excellent way to show appreciation to your loved ones while providing a beautiful and meaningful keepsake.

    37. Wooden Name Keychain

    Wooden Name key chains are a great option if you are looking for a unique and memorable wedding favor.

    Customizable with the wedding guests' names, these keychains will add a personal touch to your wedding day.

    These wedding keychains make a wonderful keepsake that your guests can use and cherish for years.

    38. Personalized Boho Keychain

    Personalized Boho Soft Bead keychain wedding favors are a great way to add extra fun and style to your wedding day.

    These small wedding keychains add a touch of whimsy to your reception and make beautiful keepsakes that your guests will treasure for years.

    Whether you are looking for something classic or something more unique, these keychain wedding favors are sure to be perfect.

    39. Infinity Silver Keychain

    When choosing key chains favor, consider the design of the wedding keychains and make sure the design is timeless and will last for years.

    If you want something unique, consider an Infinity Silver Keychain with a special message for your guests.

    It will help ensure that your guests remember your special day for years.

    40. Vintage Keychain

    Consider giving out Vintage Keychain wedding favors for a timeless and classic touch at your wedding.

    These charming souvenirs can be personalized with names, dates, or particular messages to commemorate your special day.

    These vintage keychain favors will bring a unique and special touch to your wedding.

    41. Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle Keychain

    For those looking for a unique way to give key chains favor, a Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle Piece-shaped wedding keychain is a great option!

    These unique keepsakes can be customized with your design, featuring your name and wedding date. They make a fun and meaningful gift that your guests will appreciate and remember.

    42. Personalized Spinning Wedding Keychain

    These Personalized Spinning Keychain Favors make the perfect keychain wedding favor for your guests.

    These wedding keychains feature an engraved oval shape with two sides that spin freely, allowing you to customize them with three lines of personalized text.

    Your guests will love having a special reminder of your special day.