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    Shaken Not Stirred

    “Shaken, not stirred.” Gift your guests this decorative silver wine stopper to add a classy air to any celebration.

    The Shaken Not Stirred Wine Stopper features high-quality metals, a shiny silver finish, and a minimalist martini design on top - complete with an sparkly green crystal olive! This wine stopper fits any standard-sized wine bottle. Comes in a stylish gift-box with a ribbon and a tag for easy gift-giving. A perfect wedding favor for any wedding.

    • 4.5 x 11cm
    • Includes gift packaging.

    Showing gratitude never goes out of style. And there's no better way to express that by giving unique and personalized wedding favors for your guests.  With all of the time and effort required to prepare for your wedding, finding the best wedding favors should be straightforward and stress-free.  As you come up with ideas for your wedding favors, keep in mind what's on trend for 2022. More than that, remember to be practical and pick a wedding favor that is meaningful. 

    Thanking your guests for making your wedding day extra special with their presence is definitely a must, but you've already spent a thousands of dollars on your wedding and being budget savvy and finding and affordable wedding favor is also a must at this point. With so many great cheap wedding favor options, preparing an inexpensive souvenir for your wedding guests doesn't need to break the bank.  

    Although wedding favors are usually small, choosing what to give is a big decision! Aside from being a reminder of this milestone in your life, it also serves as a token of appreciation to your guests who celebrated this special day with you. In this guide, we’ve put together 53 of the best unique wedding favors you can give that allow your personality as a couple to shine through, from the classic to the unconventional!