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    Wedding Favors: The Ultimate Guide

    It’s that part of your wedding when you are thinking of how you can thank your guests and loved ones for taking time out to be part of your wedding day. While some may consider giving wedding favors as something optional, it is still worth it to allot a portion of your budget for this seemingly small gesture that can really go a long way. Not only is it something to remember your wedding by but an attitude of gratitude that will make the big difference.

    The question now is what are the best wedding favors you can give? What considerations should be made when choosing one? Read on and make this your guide in giving out the best wedding favors.

    1. Consider your wedding theme.

    Make sure you are choosing wedding favors that are in line with your wedding theme. It will do more harm than good should you choose favors that don’t coincide with your theme. Sharing here the three wedding themes and the best favors you can have for each:

    Rustic Theme

    Rustic weddings are the more natural and relaxed type. It’s filled with simple and local touches. Depending on the formality of your wedding, the rustic theme can be adjusted to a rustic chic, rustic country, rustic elegant or modern rustic.


    Wedding favors that can go for this theme are rustic candle tins, rustic resin frame, rustic antler bottle opener , or the mason jar mugs. If you want your wedding favor to double as a place holder, consider having this rustic circular wood holders. Tags should also go with your rustic theme like this rustic country small rectangular tag.  

    Beach Theme

    There’s nothing like feeling the fresh sea breeze, the smell of salt air and the sound of the waves while exchanging your wedding vows. This wedding theme is also known as beachy, nautical or yacht.


    Go for these sand and shell tea lights, seashell salt and pepper shaker, sand dollar design coaster, miniature chair frames, sail away magnet, nautical anchor bottle opener  or this lovin’ the sea bottle stopper. For place holders that double as wedding favors, here are the best choices for you: my anchor or this shining sails. Let this take me to the sea or in the sea of blue gift tags match your beach themed wedding too.

    Travel Theme

    The options are endless as you bring to life your sense of wanderlust in your travel themed wedding. Have your reception tables named after places close to your heart. Have your escort cards designed like passports or place your seating charts on a big map.


    Keep it travel inspired as you choose favors like this vintage travel cover notepad, vintage travel match box, travel and fun adventures fan or this take me to adventures luggage tags. Adorn your table with this travel the world with me  place holders that double as wedding favors. And don’t forget to use travel inspired tags like this enjoy travel tag or this vintage travel thank you tag.    

    2. Consider the recipients of your favors.

      Most weddings give out one wedding favor for each guest. However, there are couples who buy one favor per family or per couple. If you have a large guest list, this is not a wise option as it will be a challenge to distribute the favors. Consider your budget and the size of your guest list so you can determine what is best for your wedding. Should you go for one favor per couple or family, make sure the wedding favor can be enjoyed by everyone. Consider also if the favors you prepared are audience appropriate. It will help to keep in mind the demographics of your guest list.

      3. Consider the functionality and durability of your wedding favors.

        Think of wedding favors that are practical, useful and budget friendly. Don’t let your wedding favor end up in trash. Go for wedding favors like perfume, notebook and pen or even a wedding inspired koozie.

        There are also those who prefer edible favors. There are guests that appreciate something they can nibble on their way home from the reception or something they can have for midnight snack after a night of dancing. However, go for gifts that can be functional and can stand the test of time.  

        4. Consider the Packaging.

        More than just being pretty and useful, a wedding favor should be well-packaged too. How do you plan to present your favors? Where will your wedding be held? The packaging of your gift plays a very significant role.

        Gift bags are the most common packaging for wedding favors. Place your candy favor on this organza bowtie candy gift pouch. Other gift boxes can double as a wedding décor too like this rustic laser cut wedding favor boxes.

        Packages help enhance your table settings and create the best set up for your wedding. Also if you are opting for a destination wedding, ensure that your wedding favor is something that can be easily packed by your traveling guests so it won’t get confiscated on their way home.       

        5. Consider the price and delivery time.

        Keep in mind that nobody expects you to spend so much when it comes to wedding favors. You can even have personalized gifts at reasonable prices which are far better than purchasing mass-produced favors. Getting a good vendor is also one factor to consider. It’s possible to get 50 or 100 identical products and save some money as compared to purchasing the same number of products but ordering different types for each guest.   Ask your vendor not just for the unit price but if there are additional fees for setup or artwork. Also inquire about per-unit customization and ask for a concrete shipping quote.

        As for the delivery time, make sure you have given your vendor ample time to prepare your favors as well as shipping time.

        6. Consider how you will give them out.

        If the favor you’ve chosen is something they will be using for the wedding ceremony, then have it distributed early. You won’t have to wait for the reception to give them out. Say you’re having a beach wedding and you want to thank your guests by giving them sunglasses. It’s only right to give it to them at the start of your wedding so it can serve its purpose.

        Guests can also get their favors in a free-for-all lay out during the reception or cocktail hour. This way you can save time and won’t have to exert effort in placing them on each table. Having your favors double as a placeholder is also a good way to present your favors. Giving out your favors on your rehearsal dinner or the morning after brunch are also options you can choose from.

        7. Consider buying extra favors.

        Don’t base purchasing your favors on the number of people who sent an RSVP. It is always better to order some extra favors. That way no one misses out on your thank you gift. Should you end up with extra favors, it’s always something you can use or keep as a form of remembrance.  


        The best way to thank your guests and loved ones for all the support, time and generosity they have extended for your wedding is by sending them away with a gift they can remember you by. Your wedding favor should be meaningful, functional and beautifully presented. There are many options to make your gift extra special. You can have your favors personalized, prepare it yourself or what is popularly known as DIY favors and the non-edible favors. Adding a special note from you and your spouse also adds a personal touch to your thank you gift.  

        In preparing a thank you gift, you will have to consider two things: your budget and the number of guests you will have on your wedding day. If you are working on a tight budget, there are many affordable wedding favors in the market, especially online. If budget is not a problem, then there are also many glam and fab gifts that you can choose from. Should your wedding be a huge celebration, the cost for your wedding favors should be lower per person as compared to a small one. Normally, the decent amount spent on wedding favors range from $2 to $3 each. This amount may vary depending on the considerations set above.

        Have a look at the different types of wedding favors below that will not only remind them of your sweet wedding but one your guests will treasure for a long time:

        Candle Favors

        You can never go wrong with candles as a wedding favor. It is a functional gift that can add life and beauty as décor in any room. Candles are unique, chic, well-crafted and one that everyone can appreciate. Giving candle gifts is one of the best ways to say thank you to family and friends who have made your day extra special. Here are some candles you can choose from:

        Elegant Orchid

        This charming orchid tea light holder is the best way to remind your guests of the enchanting ambiance of your destination wedding. Show your gratitude and let them bring home the good memories from your special day.  

        Garden-Inspired Candle Tins

        These garden-inspired tins are perfect for those vanilla scented candles you plan to give your guests as wedding favors. Choose from three designs: fancy flowers, romantic trees, and dainty dots. Customize it by placing your names and wedding date on the cover and you’re all set to give this awesome wedding favor.  

        Glittery Gold Tea Lights

        Light up your table set up with these glittery gold candle holders. This one is wrapped in chunky gold glitter and comes with a gold-accented rope and a tag. Let it provide the aesthetic glow and put a smile on your guests face as they can actually bring these lovelies home as a thank you gift from your special day.

        Bottle Stopper Favors

        Deciding on giving out wine for your guests and loved ones as a thank you gift is one nice gesture. Complete their joy by including bottle stopper favors that can help preserve your guest’s wine. Here are some of our elegant looking bottle stoppers that are placed on lovely boxes ready to be handed to your guests.

        Gold Rose Bottle Stopper

        The design says it all! This bottle stopper comes with a romantic bloom - the unique metallic gold rose. It comes with a cork at the bottom that keeps your favorite bottles of wine fresh. Placed in an open face box, your guests would be happy to take this home from your wedding. 

        Silver Leaf Wine Bottle Stopper

        This nature-inspired wine bottle stopper in elegant silver metal features the beauty of a single leaf. It’s made of alloy metal and aluminum with chrome plating. Definitely the perfect favor idea for special occasions featuring an outdoor or fall theme. The gift includes an artfully designed gift box printed with a swish of graphic leaves complete with a ribbon and a gift tag ready to be handed to guests and loved ones.

        Salt and Pepper Shakers

        Each time they would need that salt and pepper for their food, they would surely remember great memories from your wedding day. Make guests bring the warmth of your wedding memories in their kitchen as you hand them these creatively designed salt and pepper shakers.  Have a look at some of them below:

        Bear Hug Salt and Pepper Shaker  

        Let this bear-shaped salt and pepper shakers remind your guest of the great love you and your spouse share. It’s made of high-quality porcelain in a locked “bear hug” design. This gift comes in a beautiful gift box ready to be handed to your guests.

        Pineapple Salt and Pepper Shaker Set 

        Shake your way to the hearts of your guests with these pineapple salt and pepper shaker set. This wedding favor will let your guests reminisce your wedding day for a long time. Each pineapple piece stacks together as it is custom-designed to sit atop one another. This salt and pepper shaker are both functional and affordable. It comes labeled with a pineapple-shaped sticker in gold foil that can be removed. It is made of high-quality porcelain and is definitely perfect for your spring wedding.

        Picture Frames

        A picture says it all. Make guests remember the happy moments at your wedding and the love you and your spouse share as you place your favorite couple picture in these awesome mini magnetic frames.

        Mini Magnet Aluminum Heart Photo Frame 

        Designed with a heart-shaped cut-out, these mini picture frames are made from modern, stylish white aluminum. Place your favorite couple picture on the small picture frames that have a magnetic back ready for display. Guests will love being able to take home this wedding favor.

        Mini Photo Frames Magnet Set

        Your smiles on your wedding day will always be remembered when you give out these mini photo frames magnet set as a way of thanking your guests. This wedding favor can double as a table number or place marker and something the bride and groom can write their message to.   

        Glass Containers

        Functional favors are never forgotten. Each time these gifts are used by guests and loved ones, they are sure to walk down memory lane and remember your thoughtfulness for giving such a lovely thank you gift. Here are some of the glass container favors you can choose from:

        Mini Mason Jars

        Give your wedding set up that rustic charm with these Mason Jars. Not only can they used in many different ways, but this is also one wedding favor that can beautifully contain your DIY favors. Place your favorite jam, honey, or special candies in these mason jars and it doubles up as a wedding favor. You may also place some tea lights, flowers or succulents to create a romantic and rustic ambiance for your wedding. These mini mason jars will definitely be a gift well-appreciated by your guests.

        Merry Merry Champagne Flutes

        Time for the much-awaited wedding toast! Let these champagne flutes adorn your tables and let it double as a keepsake that your guests can take home. Make your wedding celebration one can happily reminisce on again and again. These braided-stem flutes can be customized with your names, wedding date, and printed design.  Your guest will truly treasure this wedding favor even as you present it to them with their favorite bottle of wine.

        Vases and Containers

        Lovely to look at and definitely something they can bring home as a thank you gift from your wedding. These vases and containers also double as a beautiful addition to your table setting.            

        Milk Bottle Favor   

        Place your delicious candy favors in this adorable milk bottle-shaped favor jars. It is sealed with a cork stopper and can be filled with your favorite mints or special candies. Have this wedding favor personalized by customizing a sticker that blends well with your wedding motif and theme. 

        Hot Moss Planter

        Let your guests take home this hot moss planter that’s a perfect wedding favor for your rustic or garden wedding. With an authentic natural look, guests can have it readily filled up with floral arrangements. Guests will be delighted to add this to their garden collection.