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    Making Your Winter Wedding Favors Count  

    Remembering guests who took time to be part of your winter wedding is one gesture that will surely go a long way. Thanking them during the couple’s speech is one way to do that. But even better than that is to give them a gift of appreciation that they can remember you by long after your wedding. As host, you are expected to be gracious to your guests.

    Choosing a gift for your guests should be well thought of and well budgeted too. After all, they have made an effort to be part of your big day and have shown love and support in different seasons of your life right unto this day of your wedding. Sincere gratitude should be the only motivation when it comes to preparing your wedding favors. Anything less of that would not be worth all the preparation and resources spent on it. Here are some wedding favor tips to guide you as you think about that special gift for your guests:

    Wedding favors need not be expensive. There are many aspects of the wedding that will definitely eat up on your budget. However, the wedding favors need not be one of them. For starters, make sure you have not invited too many people for your wedding. Or else, there will be no other choice than to shell out a big sum for let’s say over 500 guests that will be given a thank you gift.


    You can have something edible like gourmet bites or specialty candies placed on a snowflake favor box or a snowflake cone shaped box. Or have these nicely packaged silver round candy tins artistically labeled with your names and the date of your wedding. You can fill this mini mason jars  with popping corns they can snack on. Or probably some home baked goodies you can place on this winter inspired box . You may also opt to fill this mini swing top bottle with your favorite sweet treats, infused oil or homemade wine.

    DIY wedding favors are also on the rise these days. Bake, paint, make crafts and show off your creative side. This personal touch is what makes DIY favors different. Although it is suggested for the bride and groom not to engage in this way of preparing favors, you can always ask for the help of family, friends and loved ones to lend a hand in preparing them. This way, more bonding time is created. It is a matter of delegating the activity and proper time management in order to prepare your DIY wedding favors and still find ample time to rest before your wedding day. The beauty of the DIY favors is that a lot of effort is invested in order to come up with excellently prepared wedding favors. Because of the time and effort involved, there is also a greater appreciation for the team that is involved in preparing them.    

    Wedding favors should be consistent with your wedding venue and theme. You’re having a winter wedding. Think of something that will help keep your guests warm and cozy plus something that will go well with the colors associated to winter too. Give them these wonderful blankets, plain or monogrammed, your guests will really be delighted to take one of them home.  

    Show your thoughtfulness and allow your guests to get warmed up on the inside as you give them these nicely packaged hot chocolate on test tubes upon their arrival or opt to give it when they are about to leave your wedding with a complete set of these fabulous ceramic mugs. Those test tubes may also contain coffee or tea that will go well with these beautifully designed coffee mugs complete with coffee spoons.


    Depending on your guests' preference, some will opt for wine to keep themselves warm. Present them with these uniquely designed bottle opener or this wine stopper for closing leftover wine bottles, shaped like a King’s crown. Have them enjoy their champagne on this braided champagne flute . As for the hard drinkers, these shot glasses would be perfect too.      


    Wedding favors should communicate something unique about the bride and groom.You can let your guests know more about you and your hubby’s inclination to certain hobbies or sports making your gift even memorable for them. Do you share a love for a certain location? Then let your wedding favor represent those places maybe with the delicacies or local treasures of that place. Or let’s say both of you love to cook, these salt and pepper set of bears hugging or ceramic pine tree would be an ideal gift for your guests. It communicates your love for cooking at the same time it reflects the winter theme of your wedding.    


    Should both or one of you are into writing or your love for each other developed and has much to do with writing each other, this notepad will definitely remind them of your story. Are both of you book lovers? Then your guests may well remember you by giving them this snowflake bookmark.

    Definitely, nothing wrong if you’re the type who would like to stick to what’s naturally expected when it comes to wedding favors. Some couples wouldn’t want to stress so much in finding gifts but has the same desire to show gratitude and appreciation for their guests through these wedding favors. This personalized frosted glass would be perfect for such couples. These mini wedding bells look gorgeous in silver just the right color for your winter wedding theme.  


    Magnets as wedding favors are given a unique design with this love keyboard, which most probably will end up on your guest’s refrigerators yet something they will remember you by every time it spells out love. More on this category are the magnetic mini photo frames and the regular mini photo frames with couple’s happy photo and their message to the guest.


    For the more sentimental couples, this snow globe would definitely remind their guests of this momentous and happy day of their wedding.  

    Wedding favors should be presented and distributed properly.  No matter how simple your favor is, it can be dressed up in a very presentable way. Let it be stunning! Make use of nicely designed fabrics, color-themed ribbons, stickers, and beautifully printed gift tags. The way and the timing of the distribution of your favors matter a lot. The best way to gauge if everyone would have them is by situating them at the guest tables. Don’t forget to buy an extra 10% more if you have a guest of 100 just to make sure there’s enough for everyone. Since your favors are stunningly prepared, you can also opt to put them on display creating another picture perfect spot for your wedding. You can also choose to give out the favors when your guests are about to leave. This way someone can be assigned to monitor if all your guests received their wedding favor.     

    One important thing on giving out your wedding favors is not to forget to slip a personal note of thanks for your guest. A gift no matter how big or small becomes more meaningful when a sweet note goes along with it. Show your sincere gratitude for the support and love of your guests on your wedding day.

    Wedding favors can be done unconventionally.Start with choosing the supplier of your favors. There are vendors who carry sustainable products and support particular communities worldwide. There are also those who offer edible wedding favors that give back a portion of their sale to a charitable cause. More and more couples are opting to give a donation to their chosen charity instead of giving out favors. They, in turn, give guests a token for it.

    Choosing your wedding favors need not be complicated. Remember to consider the venue and the theme of your wedding in preparing them. Practice the right etiquette in distributing your gifts and take advantage of how you can display them visibly on your wedding day. Make sure your gift represents a part of you and your husband whether that is a delicacy of your favorite place, a hobby, a sport or a common love for something. What matters is that your guests get to bring home a part of something you both enjoy.    

    It is always the attitude behind the gift giving that matters. Sincere gratitude for your guests and expressing them through wedding favors and personal touches on your gift truly matters. Your guests will appreciate whatever thank you gift you have prepared for them. Your role is to express gratitude from the bottom of your heart through personalized notes that go with the wedding favors. It may not have cost you much or it can be the most expensive, it may have been a sacrificial DIY gift or something ordered online, it may be the traditional way of giving wedding favors or the unconventional way, but in the end, the goal is to thank them and make a lasting memory of your wedding day in the minds of your guest.