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    17 Fun Koozie Wedding Favors for Your Summer Wedding

    Your wedding is set, and plans are in play. However, there are parties to attend such as the bridal shower, stag party and engagement party, or the wedding day itself. For such festivities, the presence of a canned or bottled drink will always be there. So as the guests are being kept warm, their drinks must stay cold for as long as they can. For this need and scenario, an insulating sleeve can come in handy. That is why a Koozie is one of the best wedding favor ideas in play for beverage-filled events. To help you choose the coolest koozies, here are 17 Best Koozie Wedding Favors with messages or designs that are unique and a standout from the rest:

    17. “We Did it on the Beach!”


    Whatever you did on the beach, let your chilling beverage be covered with your pride. Made with 4mm collapsible foam, this koozie fits 12-ounce cans and may be printed on 1 or 2 sides depending on your preference. So, party yourselves out after your beach-themed wedding and let the beer flow. Let your guests bring home a cool reminder of the fun they had at your wedding and make them flaunt the phrase“We Did it on the Beach!” too.

    16. “The Hunt is Over”

    The search for a better half is almost as challenging as looking for a deer in the wild. So, if you are the type of couple who simply loves wilderness or the elusive search, then this koozie wedding favor is for you. Made with Polyurethane foam, this premium collapsible can cooler is just what you need for that outdoor and wild-themed wedding of yours. Truly, “The Hunt is Over”, for the love of your life and the best token for your guests.

    15. “Quarantine Partners for Life”


    Most people have been stuck together by force because of the quarantine mandate brought about by the pandemic. But your beloved and you chose to be together and make it a lifetime commitment. This koozie with the message “Quarantine Partners for Life” is a nice pun to lighten the impact of the virus that has withheld people of their freedom to go out. Not only will it cool the beverage cans, but it will also cool the heat of the corona impact.

    14. Wedding Themed Koozie


    You planned a cool but heartwarming wedding, and you intend to giveaway tokens that will represent your motives. A Wedding Themed Koozie might just be something that you need. It keeps your drinks cold while maintaining your hands’ warmth. Made from high-quality neoprene, this koozie is durable and reusable, not to mention waterproof.

    13. “The vows are done, now let’s have some fun!”

    Not that declaring your vows is not fun, but it is one of the most serious parts of the wedding ceremony. Once the commitments and promises are made, the party must start, and the fun must begin. Made of 4mm lightweight collapsible scuba foam, this koozie can fit 12 oz. cans and bottles. Have your friends and loved ones walk around the venue with drinks on their hands that scream “The vows are done, now let’s have some fun!”.

    12. “I love you to the mountain and back”

    Not everyone gets to land on the moon and come back to the one they love. But more climbers and mountain lovers have the chance to be on top of a mountain and embrace their beloved once they climb back down. This koozie is for those lovers who love the view and the climbing of the mountains and has the privilege of having someone to say “I love you to the mountain and back” to.

    11. “Just Meowied!”

    Finding a thematic wedding favor aligned with the motif may be a challenge. But aligning your giveaway tokens to your favorite pet is even more difficult, that is why this “Just Meowied!”is a perfect koozie favor for your wedding as it screams in a “cat-like” language the great news that you just got married. 

    10. “Let’s party ‘till the cows come home” 

    More than giving a koozie to keep your guests’ beverages cool, you are sending an invitation to have fun all night with this “Let’s party ‘till the cows come home” can cooler favor. The idiomatic expression “until the cows come home” is a funny way of saying “for a long period”. So, send an invitation to your groom crew and bride squad with this koozie and they will know that a well-deserved all-nighter party will be an anticipated part of your wedding celebration.  

    9. Drunk in Love

    There is a notion that people who are in love are like drunk humans, bold and clever to a fault. For two people getting married, being Drunk in Love is sort of a prerequisite because the decision they are about to make is challenging and exciting. This koozie is a hard foal with a thick no-slip, the heavily insulated wall can keep the drinks cold and the hands dry while your guests get drunk, and you get to be in love.

    8. “And so the adventure begins”

    Your journey as a single person ends the minute you get married. But the best part is that another one begins as you declare your vows and commit yourself to be with the same person for the rest of your lives. The people you chose to be at your wedding will take part in the said new adventure so it will be cool to carry a celebratory drink with the label “And so the adventure begins”. Enjoy this one too!

    7. “To have and to hold & to keep your beer cold” 

    The person you are marrying will be there for you to have and to hold, and your guests get to witness as you seal the deal. Seal the coolness of their beverage with a koozie favor and make your guests feel that they are a part of your moment. Made from dense scuba foam, this “To have and to hold & to keep your beer cold” can cooler provides premium insulation.

    6. “We tied the knot”

    Yes, you tied the knot and now he is forever anchored to you. While you are at it, let the grip of your guests stay firm in their drinks with this koozie that is made from premium Polyurethane foam that also keeps the drinks cool. Your navy-inspired wedding will rock as you give away a token that screams “We tied the knot” and you will surely remind everyone that you and the man you married will forever be tied to each other.

    5. Zoom Wedding Koozie

    Since social distancing is a must, most events are done virtually. It is safe, more affordable and you get to invite people to view and join your special day. So, send away a Zoom Wedding Koozie and have them use it as they drink beer to celebrate with you while viewing your “I do’s” and exchange of vows through zoom meetings. Make it a giveaway token too for those who attended with a screenshot of their face when they viewed your wedding.

    4. Wife of The Party and The Party

    You have probably always been the life of the party and now that you are getting married, a new title shall be crowned to you. This Wife of The Party and The Party koozie is a clever way of flaunting that you are married in your bridal shower or your wedding afterparty. Walk around with a beer in your hand and a can cooler that says, “wife of the party” and have your precious husband carry the other one that states, “the party”. Not only will it make entitlement giggly but also you are declaring that he is the best fun you will ever have and need.

    3. Beard & Butt Couples Koozie

    Some couples just love to have fun and be clever even on the details of their wedding. This Beard & Butt Couples Koozie is a great start to a laughter-filled marriage as it flaunts what you love about each other even if it is your butt. Your friends and loved ones who are a couple may also carry this around to make the entire room and party more hilarious. Drinks remain cold, hands are kept warm and dry, and hearts are smiling from the inside after witnessing a nice wedding and a fun after-party

    2. FALL in LOVE

    A fall-themed wedding is simply romantic and aligning the essentials will add up to its grandeur. Make yours more memorable with this FALL in LOVE koozie that is crafted by hand and features a pumpkin design on one side and your personalized info on the other side. Place your name or the names of your entourage if you may and this cooler can immediately turn into a great wedding favor.

    1. Harry Potter Themed Koozie 

    There will always be potter heads out there who will get married in a Harry Potter-themed wedding and this Harry Potter Themed Koozie is simply the best wedding favor especially for those who also love to drink. Guests will have a better grip on their drinks while keeping the beverage cold and their hands warm and dry. Base on the game “quidditch”, this koozie says “She’s a catch and He’s a keeper”. Quite fitting for the event and aligned with the theme.