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    17 Great DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

    If you are getting married or planning such an anticipated and long dreamt event in advance, you will know by now that majority of the wedding essentials are to be bought. The dress, the shoes, the rings and so on. But one thing in the celebration can be made by you that will not diminish its value but add up to its heartwarming effect. Your wedding favors.

    Nowadays buying the most fitting giveaway to your guests and loved ones become harder and harder as they become generic for most. Creating those tokens with your hands will add a personal touch to your “Thank you” present. Because of the emergence of such an idea, materials and ingredients are available almost everywhere. Couples all over the globe have jumpstarted it from repurposing used bottles to painting oyster shells just to hand over a special and unique wedding favor to everyone.

    Below is a list of 17 DIY Wedding Favor Ideas including guides on how to accomplish them. (just click the link)

    17. Botanical-Inspired Wedding Favors With Decoart

    Your guests will love a personally conceptualized, designed, and made favor. In this case, an artwork with a botanical design that holds their keys will be a cute addition to the venue as the guests get their piece of favor. Being crafty is also good in alleviating the stress that wedding preparation brings. So with this Botanical-Inspired Wedding Favors With Decoart, you will be giving away a handmade token that lifts peoples’ moods as it does yours.

    16. Herbal Lotion Bars

    If your house is surrounded by herbs or if you happen to have a green thumb that makes every plant grow in one click (or one dig), then it’s time to put your skills to greater use. Make your Herbal Lotion Bars and give it away for your wedding. With a few herbs, oils, and other essential ingredients available around you, you can give your wedding guests a treat to soft skin and a handmade smoothness routine.

    15. Heart Rice Krispies


    Serve your guests with a worthy treat that will add smiles to their already smiling hearts. These Heart Rice Krispies will make everyone crave for more of the lovely taste and visuals. A few simple ingredients are all it takes to crunch your way into thanking everybody for taking part on your special day. Something sweet and crunchy, well you will surely be serving something yummy.

    14. Photo Mason Jar Lid Coaster

    Recycle and repurpose covers of used mason jars and be on your way to creating an amazing wedding favor. This Photo Mason Jar Lid Coaster is more than just a stand for glasses and bottles, it can also be a decorative addition to the venue, an invitation with unique value or a Thank you token that reminds them of an amazing wedding they just witnessed. Simply put either your pre-nuptial images or your image with the person you are giving it to add more sweetness to the gesture.

    13. Oyster Shell Trinket Dish

    Unleash the inner Picasso in you and paint your wedding favor. You may use different mediums but in this case, an oyster shell will be the star. This Oyster Shell Trinket Dish will look so pretty as coastal home decor in a beach house. They would also be such a beautiful gift for people who love vintage, Anthropologie, and bohemian-style decorations. In your case, a beach-themed wedding will be the best reason for making this artwork your giveaway.

    12. Hand Warmers

    If your wedding day happens to fall in the winter, then these Hand Warmers will be the best favor you can give to your loved ones and guests. It makes a great stocking suffer as well as an individual token of appreciation for those people who stood by you as you say “I do”. Simply put together two of these warmers and tie them with ribbon, add a gift tag and include instructions on how to use them and your guests’ hands will be warmed as their hearts feel the same.

    11. Coffee Jar Favors

    Coffee Jar Favors are the kind of giveaways that chooses no season or theme. If it is a cold season, drinking coffee is an amazing warmer. During summer or heated days, a dash of ice over a nicely brewed coffee will instantly refresh anyone. So whether or not the recipients of these favors like coffee, surely they have a friend or an acquaintance that are caffeine obsessed and these jars will not go to waste. After all, an extra kick of appreciation and energy can go a long way.

    10. Lavender Soap

    Do you know anybody who hates a Lavender scent? If you do, give him or her this Lavender Soap and you will surely change his or her mind. This practical and aromatic wedding favor will be an appreciated token from you as it is handmade and eco-conscious. Put together the scented of person who just got out of the shower and the relaxing aroma of Lavender and you can only imagine how this soap will be a crowd favorite.

    9. Cupcake Bouquet

    Giving your guests something beautiful and delicious at the same time is a treat they will never forget. After witnessing your union, a Cupcake Bouquet will be just the dessert they need to eat while your sweetness surrounds the place, or to take home as a saccharine souvenir to be devoured later. This easy-to-do cupcake will be your heartfelt “Thank you” to the ones who joined you as you say “I do”.

    8. Floral Resin Heat Magnets

    Level up your artistic prowess and make a favor that can be used at any stage in your wedding festivities. These Floral Resin Heat Magnets can be kept next to a photo booth at your engagement party, wedding shower, or the wedding day itself. Make a pretty magnet board for your seating arrangement and use the magnets to hold each name card. The floral hearts will look beautiful holding each name. After the party, allow guests to bring it home. A handmade piece like this will look good in any household.

    7. Lip Balm


    Another wedding favor that fits no specific season but cares generally for the kissing tool of any human being, this Lip Balm will be a giveaway that people will love to bring home and use. Whether the cold season is chopping their lips or the summer is drying them, the beeswax and vitamin E-filled handmade lip moisturizer will have them covered in no time.

    6. Pink Himalayan Salt Bath Bombs


    If you are the bride and a Pink-enthusiast, then this Pink Himalayan Salt Bath Bombs is already a sold-out to you for a wedding favor. Treat your guests to an exfoliating bath and spa experience in the comforts of their homes, as you give away this bath bomb. The benefits of Himalayan salt are not a secret to people so just hearing one of the main ingredients will make them grab one immediately. Wrap it up and tag it with your choice of text.

    5. Nut Butter Cups


    Chocolate? Yum! Nuts? Delish! Put them together and you have yourself an awesome wedding favor. That is of course if you decide to do it on your own. These Nut Butter Cups can still be a treat even for those with peanut allergy concerns. Since it is homemade, you may opt to use a variety of nut and seed butter as an alternative.

    4. Scented Sachets

    Add an amazing scent to your wedding venue and let guests bring home the reason why by giving away these Scented Sachets that you made with your own hands. These favors are an easy way to freshen up your linen cabinet, drawers, and closets. These fabric sachets are made with rice and essential oils. Pack them up neatly and beautifully and your guests will open a refreshingly scented usable home arsenal.

    3. Instant Mocha Mix

    Instant Mocha Mix is probably the easiest favor to make. The ingredients are available in the market and you simply need to assemble them in a container of your choice. Just a few simple ingredients will instantly make a delicious mocha latte mix that is sure to tickle your taste buds as well as everybody else’s. It is perfect for any event, especially a bridal shower or wedding. This mix tastes best in an 8 oz cup of warm milk, but water is good too…In the end, love will not be the only thing brewing around here!

    2. Infused Oils


    In the emergence of natural healing and alternative medicines, these Infused Oils will be a caring and lovely token of appreciation you can giveaway to people who came and celebrated with you on your special day. Your garden will be your source and your hands will be the magical tool that puts together the ingredients to make these oils. This handmade goodness from your garden is for beauty, health, and culinary uses.

    1. Pinecone Fire Starter

    Most people think they can only buy a Pinecone Fire Starter in some stores, but your wedding favor will be a sweet surprise when they find out that you made it by yourself. You can even call your bride tribe for a night of making this “project” so it will be a group effort. Whether your wedding is fall or winter-themed, these handmade fire starters will keep everybody warm.