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    11 of Our Favorite Affordable Wedding Favors

    A heartfelt thank you to your guests and loved ones is all you want to say after celebrating your special day with them. While saying them may be enough, saying it with something they can bring home with them would even be better. However, communicating your gratitude need not eat up a major portion of your wedding budget. An expensive gift does not necessarily mean the most thoughtful or most sincere one. So prepare a modest budget for your wedding favors. After all, no matter how simple your gift is, it is always the thought that counts.

    The time you give in finding the most affordable and quality wedding favors would definitely be all worth it.  Here are 11 affordable wedding favors that can help you decide on the best gift you want for your guests and loved ones: 

    1. Mason Jar Bottle Opener

    These mason jar bottle openers are perfect to open cold drinks served before and after the celebration. Designed to look like antique silver mason jars, these bottle openers are even engraved with, “Everything is better in a mason jar.” Simply perfect as wedding favors for your spring wedding.

    2. Personalized Mints

    There’s no doubt your guests truly feel that you and your groom are simply meant to be. Cap your wedding with these simple and affordable favors that will remind your guests of your commitMINT for each other. This wedding favor includes Lifesaver brand mints, kraft paper tags and decorative gold staples. One side contains your message and you can have the other side customized with your wedding details.   


    3. Mini Heart Bubbles

    Let this mini heart bubble wands add more fun as you celebrate your wedding. Guests would be delighted to use this as they welcome you to the reception or as they send you off to your honeymoon. This wedding favor is made of high quality plastic that’s easy to dispose and pre-filled with non-toxic, clear bubble liquid that is sure not to stain. It’s one wedding favor that’s a sure fun way to enhance your wedding.   

    4. By The Shore Coaster

    The design of this cool coaster speaks of a flower in bloom drawing inspiration from your spring wedding. Definitely one of the best wedding favors one can receive after a relaxing walk by the beach! Guests can’t help but bring one home.

    5. Wedding Favor Matches

    This matchbox favors are ready to be handed to your guests. It’s made with a rustic brow eco friendly card. These matchboxes will also look great on your tables. Printed on the front part are the words “The Perfect match” while at the back you can place your wedding location, date and initials.  

     6. Vintage Wishing Bottle Stoppers

    Let these vintage wishing bottles contain your thank you note, art snippet, photo, and other paper items. This wedding favor is suitable for jewelry making, altered art and miniature art. You can set it as a bottle charm or a pendant with eye screws. It’s not just a great wedding favor but can also double as a nice décor for your wedding tables.   

    7. Garden Inspired Candle Tins

    These garden inspired tins are perfect for those vanilla scented candles you plan to give your guests as wedding favors. Choose from three designs: fancy flowers, romantic trees and dainty dots. Customize it by placing your names and wedding date on the cover and you’re all set to give this awesome wedding favor.  

    8. Wish Bracelets

    Make this infinity bracelet adorn the wrist of your guests as a thank you gift from your beautiful wedding. These bracelets are tied on quality textured cards in either white or cream color. The card has a lovely poem with your wedding date and initials.

    9. Cactus Tea Light Candles

    Guests would love to take home these cactus tea light candles. It’s made of high quality paraffin wax candle material. The holder ensures that it won’t spill while burning and extends the time of burning. It doubles as a perfect decoration and creates a romantic atmosphere for your wedding.  What’s more is that its environment friendly with flameless burning at a very affordable price.

    10. Personalized Shot Glasses

    Ready for the extended celebration of your wedding? With all the memorable moments of your special day, guests will be glad to bring home the fun with these clear shot glasses that are ready for personalization. You may choose from a variety of wedding designs and nine imprint colors depending on your wedding theme.  

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    11. Handmade Soap Bars

    Thank your guest naturally with this all natural handmade soap bars from scratch. They are cut from whole loaves by hand and you just need to determine the size (how many ounces) of your favor. Choose the color closest to your wedding motiff and they can even put beeswax imprint. They also have scents to choose from like fruity, herbal scent and floral fresh.