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    19 of the Best Bridesmaid Gifts For Your Bride Tribe

    Whether you are proposing or sayings “thank you” to your gal pals for being there on your wedding day, a gift of great value not of price is a much-needed essential. Choosing the best ones for your best friends might be a little bit tricky that is why we have listed 19 Best Bridesmaids gifts you can choose from to help you give only the nicest, most heartwarming, and most ideal present and token of appreciation to those women who stood by you when you said I do.

    19. Engraved Flask

    Before or after the wedding party, drinks are in play, so for the ladies who you call the “bride squad,” an individual Engraved Flask is fitting. This 5 ounces stainless steel flask is crafted beautifully for women and has a jewel twist top that serves as an added embellishment. The makers used top-of-the-line lasers to engrave any text which ensures no flaking or peeling. Glamorous and elegant, this flask fits discreetly into small handbags, clutches, or even large totes. 

    18. Tie the Knot Bracelet

    Actions speak louder than words so giving this Tie the Knot Bracelet to each of your bridesmaids will scream, “I cannot tie the knot without you by my side” in an elegant and heart-warming way. Of course, you will want your best girlfriends to be wearing something that will remind them of your constant ties with them regardless of your marital status. This 18K plated gold, silver, or rose gold bracelet will fit any wedding theme or motif. 

    17. 3-16 Piece Heart Name Jigsaw Key Ring

    Your most valuable lady friends will always be a part of your life and will forever hold a special place in your heart even now that you are uniting yours with your one true love. This 3-16 Piece Heart Name Jigsaw Key Ring subtly speaks that message of loyalty and connection to your bridesmaids. It can be personalized with the names of your bride squad and serves as a functional key holder as well.  

    16. Party On A Glass


    Bring the party where it belongs and make it a souvenir your gal pals can own. This Party On A Glass is a wine glass with your bridesmaid’s face printed on it. Make your next drinking moment a funny and clever one by printing the cutest or most embarrassing photo of your lady friends. While you are choosing the best image, try and innovate the coolest name or words to put under it to make this gift more personal. No one can pull a pun like that to them but you. Plus they cannot hate you, you are the bride! 

    15. Personalized Key Chain

    Choose your bridesmaids and print their names in this Personalized Key Chain made of PU Leather. Based on your wedding motif or gal pal’s favorite color, choose from the 8 options: Black, brown, ocher, pink, sage, silver, blue and red. Their keys belong to a stylish chain like you all belong together as friends forever. The metal ring is made of bronze which adds to the rustic visuals of this key keeper.  

    14. The Divine Gift Set


    Get a “yes” from your best girlfriends by showing up and asking them to be your bridesmaids while handing over The Divine Gift Set. This set may include a personalized robe, personalized 22 oz tumbler, Glass Coffee Mug, Bracelet, Necklace, and lip balm depending on your preference. A message on the inside cover of the box may also be customized and all will be assembled in a pretty box with crinkled paper.

    13. Personalized Monogram Makeup Bag


    Ladies need an emergency make-up kit for those much-needed touch-ups during events. For your wedding, ensure that your ladies can quickly access their retouch tools by giving each of them this Personalized Monogram Makeup Bag. Made from cotton or polyester canvas, this cosmetic bag can be printed with names in cursive script. It also comes in various color options black, blush, gray, hot pink, natural, navy, purple, red, teal, or white.

    12. Stuck On You Tote


    An eco-friendly bag made of burlap and is spacious enough to hold and keep essential is a great bridesmaids’ gift especially during the wedding day when they need to carry all their “troubleshooting tools” to ensure a smooth wedding plan execution. This Stuck On You Tote also doubles as a daily handheld bag for ladies to wear as the design and color are neutral to match most outfits. 

    11. Custom Initial Ring


    You have been proposed to with a ring, and this Custom Initial Ring might also do the trick of getting you a “Yes” from your best girlfriends and have them as your bridesmaids. Made of sterling silver, this band has an option of having either a Silver, 18K Gold, or Rose Gold Finish to adapt to your wedding motif. It will have a letter charm of your choice in a dainty font that is sure to complement the sexy ladyfingers of your gal pals. 

    10. Ginger Spice

    Drinking your favorite beverage in a vintage copper mug that traditionally holds a cocktail of vodka, ginger beer, and lime called Moscow Mule, may be new but the beauty that this cup presents is simply irresistible. Your bridesmaids will surely enjoy a drinking session with you using this Ginger Spice made of stainless steel with exterior copper plating and brass finish handle as copper has a chilling effect keeping the beverage cooler, longer. Put their names outside for a more personalized touch. 

    9. Personalized Turkish Beach Towel


    Turkish towels are some of the most preferred peshtemals towels because of their design and color. Its light and thin feature make it easy to dry and convenient to carry as it does not take up so much space in your bag. This Personalized Turkish Beach Towel will be a useful gift for your bridesmaids, especially for your destination beach wedding. Now they have a towel to bring and flaunt with their names on it and your appreciation alongside. 

    8. Don’t Make Me Blush Tote

    Make your bridesmaids blush by giving them a bag that is sleek and spacious. Made from color-blocked faux leather, this purse features long sturdy handles that can handle heavy loads, full lining to ensure safe placing of gadgets, and a snap metal closure for a more secured keeping of essentials. The roomy interior allows more stuff to be taken in but even if your ladies choose to just throw in a few, this Don’t Make Me Blush Tote will still look gorgeous and unstuffy.

    7. No Ugly Crying Handkerchief


    With all the overflowing love and emotions that will be going on during your wedding, tears will undoubtedly fall. However, everyone hates an ugly crier. Even the waterworks need to be camera-worthy if they may. So to ensure that nobody will steal your thunder and your unique tear-dropping scenario as a bride, give this No Ugly Crying Handkerchief to your bridesmaids and make them stop those tear ducts from even pouring a single drop. Add a little extra to the hanky gift to make holding their tears more enduring. 

    6. The Sugar Set Gift Box

    The Sugar Set Gift Box is truly a sweet present you can give to your bridesmaids as a token of appreciation for saying “Yes” to you. The robe and tumbler combination is perfect for the photoshoot on our wedding day. Your ladies can wear robes that have their initials and pose with you while wearing your own. The four floral designs you can choose from, all represent a dainty and beautiful visual your gal pals will love. The tumbler may also be printed with their initials and will surely keep them hydrated the entire event. 

    5. Unique Purse Mirrors


    Checking their faces and how they look has never been this adorable. These Unique Purse Mirrors come in a variety of Animal Art Figure choices that your lady friends will surely find endearing. It is perfect for travel, at home, in the office, and especially to quickly make you see how much retouch you will need during your wedding. After all, your bridesmaids will be the carrier of your make-up tools. 

    4. My Tribe Gift Set

    The bride tribe deserves nothing but the best because the works are on their shoulder before, during, and even after the wedding. Give them a treat with this My Tribe Gift Set that includes a Metallic Rose Gold Ribbon, Rose Gold Ombre Stemless Wine Glass with your bridesmaids' names printed on it, Scented candle, and Sunglasses. All your wedding day essentials plus more will be in this box and the hearts of your friends will be full. 

    3. Beach Please

    Your ladies will be exclaiming “Beach Please” after you give them these sleek and hot-looking beach hats. These adorable, floppy, straw headcovers are embroidered with a statement phrase across the brim making it more fashionable wear. Your bridesmaids will be protected from the sun, they will be adorned with something sexy and you will have given them a multifunctional “thank you” token. 

    2. Personalized Bridesmaid Mug


    Invite your dearest friends for an intimate hot beverage time at your place and serve them coffee, tea, or hot cocoa using this Personalized Bridesmaid Mug. Seeing a sexy caricature of them together with the bride version hugging them, in a cup they are drinking from will warm their hearts. A “yes I will be your bridesmaid” will naturally go in motion afterward.

    1. Plain & Simple

    If you want to go all Plain & Simple with your gift-giving, then hand your beloved bridesmaids a set that includes A matchbox, a candle tin, a shatterproof flute, a personalized compact mirror, lip balm, and a mini card that will contain your heartfelt message. It’s a simple choice, give only the best collection to your most valuable bride tribe.