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    15 of the Best Wedding Card Holders To Impress Your Guests

    It's all in the details. Make your guests feel they are very much appreciated and special by taking time to think and choose what goes into your table set up. After considering your wedding theme and motif, think of how a simple card holder can also double as a thank you gift that guests can bring home with them. It will not only remind them of the fun, love and laughter they get to enjoy on your wedding day but how well thought of and visually enticing your table set up was made specially for them. It’s one gift they will treasure for years to come.

    Here are 15 of the best wedding card holders you can choose from:  

    15. Double Heart Place Card Holder - Gold

    These double heart place card holders are sure to capture your guest’s attention and clearly lead them to their designated seats. If you can thank them with all your heart and even with a double heart, you will certainly do that.  Add that sweet touch to your table decor with these lovely heart design work and let your guests take them home too.  

    14. Shining Sails 

    Let these Shining Sails lead your guests to their seats. Create the ambiance only a beach wedding can inspire with these place card holders. These silvery metal sailboats hold place cards or photos measures 1 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 1/2" and is sold as a set of four. 

    13. Magical Tea Cup and Tea Pot 

    It's available in sets of 6. Add a delightful touch to your tea party table decor with these Magical Tea Cup and Tea Pot. Each set of place card holders comes with 3 teapot and 3 teacup shaped bases—all crafted with sturdy resin—to keep the matching floral place cards upright for all to see. 

    12. Nautical Place Card Holders

    Make these gorgeous place card holders your way of showing gratitude to family and friends for making your wedding a very special one. Direct your guest to their seats but let it be the very thing they get to take home as a special thank you gift from you. Your beach wedding will be perfectly accentuated with these nautically inspired weigh anchor

    11. Real Shell Holders

    It beautifully decorates your table with real sea shells in different shapes and sizes. Your beach wedding will definitely be remembered with these shell holders. It also comes with matching designer place cards. Guests would happily bring home this perfect memento.  

    10. Travel The World With Me 

    This Travel The World With Me is perfect for a themed guest gift as they walk into your venue and make their way to their seats. The place card holder features a double stack of suitcases in pink and blue, and comes with matching white place cards with gold foil details. It's one useful and memorable guest gift. 

    9. Winter Wonder 

    It comes complete with a magnet at the back and an elegant black ribbon. This Snowflake Place Card Holder simply fits any winter occasion. You actually give your guests a choice of how they want to use it when they take it home. The stand on the back of the snowflake creates the place card holder for your winter-themed table decoration. It's one ornament that will be treasured for a long time. 

    8. Rustic Wood Set

    This wedding favor comes in set of 4. Natural and organic defines your rustic wedding theme. And nothing comes close to that than these rustic wood set. This circular, real wood has visible age circles on it. It comes complete with a slit to firmly hold your place card or photo. What’s more, guests can bring home this rustic wedding item as a reminder of the beauty of nature and a thank you gift to remember your wedding by.    

    7. Starfish Photo Frame 

    Pretty and charming. This wooden starfish photo frame doubles up as a unique place card. Place the name of your guests in the middle and your thank you note for making your wedding day extra special with their presence. It's simply perfect for your beach themed wedding.  

    6. Gold Kissing Bells Place Card

    Let this bells ring in unison and see the happy couple kiss each time. This gift is simply perfect for your wedding. Guests would be more than delighted to bring these bells home as a thank you gift from you. This Gold Kissing Bells Place Card also doubles as a place holder that beautifully accentuates your table set up.  

    5. Small Succulent Plants

    They will surely love to take these beautiful low maintenance and pretty succulent plants home. Potted in its own miniature ceramic containers, these small faux succulents can be used as a place card holder, a centerpiece and even double as a wedding favor for your guests. Perfect for your beach wedding, these succulent plants are sure to last a long time compared to the real ones. 

    4. Original Animal Magnet

    You can customize this set of 50 full animal magnets as a place card or table number holders. These cute animal magnets are not just any wedding favor. It can even be used on your wedding cake.  It can also function as an invitation holder and menu or food label holder. Choose the animal combinations and the color you want at no additional cost. These magnets are placed in a gorgeous muslin pull string bags stamped with your personalized wedding information.

    3. Pumpkin Shaped Place Card Holder

    Simply perfect for your fall wedding and a memorable wedding favor for your friends and loved ones. This beautiful gift comes in a set of six gold resin pumpkin-shaped place card holders with coordinating place cards. This gift will not only direct your guests to their seats but will also delight them as they get to take one home as a thank you gift from you. 

    2. Small White Favor Vase/Card Holder 

    Not only does it add a simple touch to the decoration, but it can also double as a favor for guests to bring home as a thank you gift from you. Put this Small White Favor Vase/Card Holder  on the centerpiece of a wedding table, add a personalized card in it with the table number and names and you will have yourself a beautiful place cardholder.  

    1. Beaded Photo Frame

    Your table setting will definitely stand out with this elegantly designed beaded photo frame that doubles as a place card holder. This beautiful gold glitter resin cube comes with the coordinating place card for your convenience. It’s a versatile gift that’s also a lovely wedding favor your guests will truly treasure.