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    14 of the Best DIY Wedding Favors

    Sending your guests home with a gift they can remember you by is one of the best ways to thank your guests and loved ones for all the support, time and generosity they have extended for your wedding. While there are many wedding favors in the market, your wedding favor should be meaningful, functional and beautifully presented. There are many options to make your gift extra special. One of them is to have your favors personalized, prepare it yourself or what is popularly known as DIY favors. Adding a special note from you and your spouse also adds a personal touch to your thank you gift. 

    Here are 14 DIY wedding favors you can choose from:

    14. DIY Mason Jar Kit

    These DIY Mason Jar Kits can be used in many different ways, this is one wedding favor that can beautifully contain your DIY favors. Place your favorite jam, honey, or special candies in these mason jars and it doubles up as a wedding favor. You may also place some tea lights, flowers or succulents to create a romantic and rustic ambiance for your wedding. These mason jars will definitely be a gift well-appreciated by your guests.

    13. Lighthouse DIY Favor

    Get this set of 12 mini, unfinished wooden lighthouses as a perfect DIY wedding favors that can double as ornaments or table numbers. Paint a white base coat of acrylic paint, then follow with your favorite colors and designs. You can then finish it with a clear varnish for durability. 

    12. Holographic Name Decal - DIY

    Add this beautiful cursive font decal to anything with a smooth and hard surface in ordr to personalize your gift. This one is sold by the length and the height of each letter combination. The names picture are all the same length, however the height is different for each name. It is also available in longer lengths (13”- 23”).

    Functional favors are never forgotten. Each time these gifts are used by guests and loved ones, they are sure to walk down memory lane and remember your thoughtfulness for giving such a lovely thank you gift. This DIY Glass Jar Kit can hold 2 ounce of honey, applebutter, jam, etc. and includes pre-cut fabric circles! 

    10. DIY Sunflower Wedding Favor

    Our DIY printable seed packet PDF is customized just for you! This simple, affordable favor makes creating a beautiful wedding favor your guests so much easier.Customized with your choice of packet colors. You may also include a poem, planting instructions, or photo may also be included on the back of the packet.

    9. DIY Rustic Kraft Paper Wedding Seed Packets

    The DIY rustic kraft paper wedding seed packets are the perfect addition to any wedding, shower or party! It will be something your guests will be happy to bring home with them and be reminded of your special day! It's an editable (printable) template that you can customize and print. Unique, inexpensive, and budget-friendly. All you need is one tablespoon of wildflower seeds in each packet to cover almost 100 square feet with beautiful wildflowers that help our pollinators - the butterflies and bees. 

    8. DIY Honey Favor Kits

    Who can resist a sweet treat? This DIY Honey Favor Kit is sure to make your guests remember your special day. Completely handmade and personalized, each favor consists of a custom tag with the message “Meant to Bee" and beautifully tied with a twine a ribbon. This affordable wedding favor is perfect for buying in bulk.     

    7. DIY Wedding Jam Covers

    These Jam Covers are die-cut so you get a really neat edge. Ths kit comes with 50 pieces of fabric jam tops, rubber bands, sticky jar labels, cut lengths of twine. You can also choose from a loped or zigzag edge. By the way, the glass jars are not included.     

    6. DIY Dreamcatcher Kit Party Favor

    Make a Dreamcatcher out of this DIY kit. You can make from them a tiny car dreamcatcher. A lovely addition to your Boho style wedding, this kit includes the following: natural willow hoop, crochet central part with the native dreamcatcher look, natural feathers with a hanger for easy attach, pearl beads, linen lace, thread, instruction, and a safe plastic needle. 

    5. Bomboniere For Wedding with Cork

    These gorgeous handmade favors are made with cork, the natural alternative leather. It is durable and definitely the perfect favor for a vegan wedding. It is stylish, minimal but definitely one that shines on your wedding day. It can be dyed to the color you prefer with a matching cord.  

    4. Metallic Champagne Bottle Container DIY Favor

    These champagne bottle favor containers are sure to impress your guest and make a wonderful take-home gift at your wedding. You can fill it with anything from candies to small trinkets for your guests to enjoy! The versatile design makes this champagne bottle favor container perfect for a thank you gift especially made for your guests and loved ones. 

    3. Wooden Chalkboard Easel 

    Use the practical and functional wooden chalkboard easels to make a visible seating chart for your guests. It’s perfect for any wedding. They are elegant, playful, comes in black and white and gives you that magical, whimsy feel. What’s best about it is that you can use it for both outdoor and indoor types of weddings.

      2. Moleya Pack of 20 pcs DIY Wedding Favors

      Give your guests this unique hard cardboard small boxes. It has a delicate vase-like design with an artificial flower and a small card printed with "We are married."  You can have it filled with small candies, chocolates or treats for a simple and pleasing way to give presents.

        1. Butterfly DIY Gift Boxes 

        Complete the look of your chic table setting with this Butterfly DIY Gift Boxes. Made from durable high-quality paper, these boxes are perfect containers for candies or small gifts. Pretty, natural and romantic. It’s everything a guest wants for a thank you gift!