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    14 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Reception Tables

    The reception table is where your guest would spend most of their time. This is why it is crucial to have each table aesthetically designed but at the same time made to be a place where guests could feel comfortable during the entire reception program. Putting some unique touches to your wedding table is what will make your wedding exceptional. Let your creativity rule as you try out new colors, textures and shapes for your table décor.    

    Here are 14 creative ways to decorate your reception tables:

    1. Tropical Table Setting

      Original décor ideas is what you should be focusing on if you are having a destination wedding. Provide a cheerful and light atmosphere to your guests by making use of bold colors. Fearlessly make use of bright accents like red, orange, pink, green, yellow, turquoise and feel free to combine them. You can even make use of leaves and flowers as decors as well as some fruits. Include in your set up personalized bracelets, shot glasses of tequila or even hand painted names of your guests.

      1. Colorful Table Setting

        Using colored clothes will definitely add drama to your table setting aside from the fact that it can easily hide stains. Create a central runner and add color to your table by making use of ribbons, streamers or layered cloth napkins. Use lots of colors and fresh flowers. You may even place a hanging display of rich greenery to add a fresher and vibrant feel to your wedding ambiance.

        1. Classic Table Setting

          You’re sure to impress and project elegance when you opt for the classic table setting. Make use of votives, neutral linens, traditional china or finely detailed flatware, delicate goblets and chic napkin rings. Have as your centerpiece roses, privets, sweet peas, peonies and the like. Stemmed wine glasses that can double as a wedding favor for guests would be appropriate to use for this set up as well.

          1. Floral Table Setting 

          Photo Source: Charlotte Jenks Lewis

            Delight your guests with a floral table setting with a continuation of colors on the centerpiece using flowers like dahlias, roses, and orchids. However, do keep in mind not to use too many kinds of flowers. Use flowers that you’re more inclined to choose or meaningful to you. Just a few types of flowers that will go well together are all you need to come up with the best floral setting.

            1. Monochromatic Table Setting 

            Photo Source: Pinterest

              There’s always the pull to have a cohesive feeling in setting tables. This is where the monochromatic set up fits in very well. Use monochromatic linens, glassware, and centerpieces. You may also want to complement it with striped napkins to give it a little texture.   

              1. Casual Table Setting 

              Photo Source: Pinterest

                If you want to keep the set up as homey as possible, the casual table setting will be perfect for you. It usually makes use of a square placemat. If making use of a salt and pepper shaker, this should be on top of the placemat. In this type, you only set the flatware, tableware, and glassware.

                1. Rustic Table Setting 

                  What’s really obvious when it’s a rustic table setting? It’s the mason jars being used as a drinkware or to hold low white flowers. You may also light some non-scented candles. With this setup, feel free to replace the traditional placemat with a decorative paper placemat. Mix and match serverware, glasses and silverware for that more relaxing feel.

                  1. Striped Table Setting 

                    For that more casual feel, use this type of table setting. Go striped on your tablecloth, the runner or even the menu adding to that summery note. Also, choose white flowers and simple plates that will not distract your guests especially if you are using patterns in your linens.

                    1. Summertime Table Setting 

                    Photo Source: Pinterest

                      Use flowers for decorating tables. You can also opt for a beach inspired décor. Colorful garlands will also be a welcome addition to the summertime table setting especially if you are having an indoor wedding. You will never run out of options with this type of table setting when it comes to table décors and centerpieces. 

                      1. Fall Table Setting 

                      Photo Source: Pinterest

                        For the fall table setting make sure you add a touch of glitz but be careful to balance the natural elements and the sparkle of metallic. Have an organic touch with each place setting. Make use of materials such as gleaming metal, ceramic with glass or wood. Ensure a warm and casual feel with a modern twist for this table setting. Use colors like crisp white, birch, taupe and chocolate.                      

                        1. Blue Table Setting 

                          Make use of blue and white tablescape, the color combination that can never go wrong and gives that fresh feeling on warm weathers. Delicate blue china can be combined with bouquets of white roses for that picture perfect elegance. Add these blue mercury glasses or these vintage blue light to complete the look.   

                          1. Pretty Pink Table Setting

                          Photo Source: Pinterest
                          Play with the pink color scheme with light and dark pink rose centerpieces. Use gold trimmed dishware and gold silverware. Those Valentine themed table decors will always have a place in this table set up. Don’t forget to accentuate with heart folded napkin and golden cutlery. Plus these vintage pink glasses to hold your candles. 
                          1. Minimalistic Table Setting

                          Photo Source: Pinterest

                            Simple is beautiful. An intentional clean look is what makes a minimal touch so attractive. You can opt for organic minimalism which features a lot of white accentuated by lush green. Another option is industrial minimalism, where rustic meets urban. Modern minimalism, on the other hand, plays a lot with geometry and shapes. Romantic minimalism will focus on elegant calligraphy or ethereal linen. Generally, a minimalistic table setting will make use of a neutral color palette projecting that airy and soft look. Make the look your own and don’t be afraid to use other colors. One that is unexpected such that it creates a personalized twist.    

                            1. Pastel Table Setting 

                            Photo Source: Wedding by Cape Cod Celebrations, Photo by KML Photography

                              Accentuate a pastel serving plate with gold flatware. Make use of big floral arrangements as the centerpiece. Let pretty light pink flowers highlight the contrast of the pale pink tablecloth. It will be just the right look without being overly dramatic.

                              While it is good to be creative in decorating your reception tables, it would be wise to keep things simple and elegant as it would produce the best results. Keep away from crowded place settings that may hinder your guests from having a pleasant experience while having their meal. Make sure you do not fill a single table with too many guests. Think of what can make your guests comfortable. While centerpieces are pleasing to the eye, let it not block conversations among guests, especially the large ones.  A better alternative is to have tall and short centerpieces that can be more appealing visually. Another great idea is to create breakaway centerpieces that can also serve as your wedding favors. Try not to play with a lot of colors, instead use colors to accentuate. Be creative!