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    10 Things That Define Your Bohemian Wedding

    Should you ask people to describe you and your soon to be spouse, the common words people will use are relaxed, having a carefree attitude, romantic, non-traditional, laidback, creative, ethereal. And so the list goes on. This is mainly the reason why you have chosen to have a Bohemian wedding. You simply believe that not all weddings need to be done in a traditional way.

    Bohemian weddings will always be about nature and having that natural look. The most common venue would be the attractive woodland, the beach, a cool and peculiar venue or a festive field.  But what really defines a Bohemian wedding and makes it different from all the other wedding themes? Have a look at 10 things that define a Bohemian wedding:


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    1. No shoes please.

      Go barefoot if that’s what you prefer and if you feel most comfortable with that idea. However, you can also be creative by decorating your feet with elegant looking feet accessories. Go for the classic barefoot sandal. Get that simple yet elegant look you’ve always wanted to achieve for you Boho themed wedding.  You can choose from gold chain sandals that ooze with class and yet embody the bohemian laid-back style. Another alternative would be the ankle bracelet. You can go for the simple chain, a more detailed hanging anklet or a charm anklet. Or you can even go for a henna tattoo on your feet for that unique twist!

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      2. Make Use of Flowers as Accessories

      What’s a Bohemian wedding without flowers and greens? Adorn your wedding venue with jewel-toned flowers and let the beauty of nature be on complete display on your wedding day! Floral crowns, wild bouquets, and eclectic centerpieces define your Bohemian wedding. This theme proudly displays the pairing of items from different themes for that curated appeal. You can play with the color and texture of lots of greenery and flowers such as spray roses, astilbe, and ranunculus. Let your bouquet go wild with a riot of colors and a mix of shapes and textures too. Go for the freshly picked flowers on a hand-tied posy.


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      3. Braid your Hair.

      That “done” effect while wearing your hair down is what the braided hairstyle achieves for you. Carry that romantic look as you have your hair swept up too. Or better yet go for the undone and messy look. Whichever you choose, you’d be one satisfied bride having chosen to braid your hair. Add some flowers, a floral crown or even jewelry to complete the look. What’s great about a Boho hairstyle is that it can easily be dressed down or up depending on the dress you’re wearing or the formality of your wedding. 

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      4. Make it a 2-piece dress.

      Break free from tradition! Your Bohemian-themed wedding with you wearing a 2 piece dress simply brings that sense of laidback and cool sophistication. Your 2 piece dress is designed to be as effortless as can be. It’s lightweight, with simple silhouettes, with easy to wear fabric yet not lacking in detail. Let a sleek crepe gown go with a plunging neckline or a tulle A-line style go with soft chiffon. Make use of illusion lace, floral designs, different necklines from low V necks to popped high collar, sequins and more. Layer up or take it off it all depends on your preference and personality.    


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      5. Go for long sleeve gown.

        A wedding dress with long sleeves is a signature design element for many bohemian weddings. These sleeves are the loose and breezy type which perfectly fits the bohemian theme. Go for the balloon or bell sleeves for that picture perfect appearance. You may also opt for the strapless dress with detached sleeves for that unexpectedly chic look. Specially designed for the more cooler days and nights, the boho long sleeve wedding dress will keep you cozy yet showcase your curves. Pair this look with a piece of customized jewelry like a handmade flower crown encrusted with tiny crystals and blooms and you’re all set for that ultimate boho look.

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        6. Wrap up is the way to go!

        An iconic piece in women’s fashion, the wrap dress for your bohemian themed wedding will absolutely look gorgeous! For that comfortable, flattering and classic looking style, the wrap dress is simply perfect for you. Go for the sequin covered subtle wrap wedding dress for that sunny beach wedding or that simple summertime wrap that is definitely not lacking in functionality and fashion. You can also go for the midi length wrap wedding gowns for the more laid back ceremony. Wrap dresses are easy to wear and perfect for your boho wedding. The wow factor will always be on the details of your wrap dress that gives that boho-chic feel. 

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        7. A Boho Veil completes the look.

        Get creative with your boho veil! Wearing that veil doesn’t mean you have to ditch the floral crown. You can incorporate both and perfectly embody that sweet bohemian flair. Go for the rose lace bridal cap or the halo headbands or even wear it as a glamorous bandana. Some brides showcase the boho veil by ditching the long veil and just keeping the bridal cap. Make sure the type of veil you have will look best with your face and wedding dress. Don’t forget to match your hair with the boho veil of your choice and the accessories that will go well with it too. 


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        8. Bare those shoulders.

        Whimsical and enchantingly beautiful! That’s the look you want to achieve! All that and an off the shoulder dress which is perfect for the Bohemian look that is oh so chic. Relaxed yet elegant have it paired with stylish sandals, loose, wavy hair and that natural makeup. Don’t forget to have that bohemian spirit as you choose your dress. Choose the unique design that expresses your personality.

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        9. Showcase your creativity through hair accessories and headpieces.

        Let your hair showcase bridal hair vines and wedding hair flowers. True to your boho theme they are effortless, romantic and a lovely reflection of the natural elements you want to style your wedding with. Practically speaking, fabric flowers will be the best option over fresh ones in order to avoid wilting. Go for Swarovski bridal head chains or a flexible crystal vine that can drape loosely in a half updo or wrapped around your braid as an added romantic detail to your hairstyle. You can also go for a wedding headband or better yet a flower crown.  Look like a real goddess with bridal head chain worn with your hair down to complete that boho look.     

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        10. Let your table setting shout Bohemian

        You want your bohemian themed wedding to be relaxed, colorful and amazing. Let your table setting shout all these as you mix various colors for your centerpieces. Make use of colorful glass containers, lots of flowers and feathers to showcase that boho charm. To achieve that bohemian atmosphere, let Morocco inspired table runners and placemats adorn your tables. Let colorful vase containers, tableware and glasses fill your table setting. Make your wedding favors and place settings go with your boho theme too. Go for tea light holders and adorable lanterns to make your tables glow.